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Welcome to 2M


Your teacher is Mrs Moore and your teaching assistant is Miss Instone.

In our class we have 30 children who are currently working hard in preparation for our SATS tests in May. 

We always work hard, are kind to others and follow the golden rules at all times.

Our current topic is

Wonderful Riverbanks. 

READING IN 2M: Hansel & Gretel
FAB FIVE WINNERS: Eliza, Rubi, Summer, Evie & Kelly

Can the red SATS reading book be returned as and when children have completed a Reading Comprehension task. Maths homework will continue to be sent out weekly on a Friday focusing on the element of Maths we have been working on that week.

Subject Topics to be covered in Spring Term 2
English We will start the half term by continuing to look at the story Little Red Riding Hood. We will be focusing on statements, questions, commands and exclamation sentences. Our next topic will be to use our knowledge of river animals to create our own riddles. We will then end the term looking at the features of instructions and writing a set of our own.
Maths We will begin by the second part of the Spring term by looking at measure - measuring time, weight, length and capacity. We will then have a re-cap on fractions before beginning our revision towards our SATS tests.
Science This term we are looking at materials, their properties, uses and the best material for the job.
RE This half term we are looking at the religion of Sikhism - the Sikh religious beliefs, how and where they worship. Important Guru's in the Sikhism religion and what is important to Sikhs along with special Sikh stories. 
ICT We will be using ICT to research different riverbank creatures and practice our typing skills as we continue to learn the basics on a laptop. We will learn how to copy and paste an object onto a word and powerpoint document.
PE This term our topic is Dance. The children have began to look at Bhangra dance in particular.
Geography We will continue our study of rivers and canals looking at natural and man made. With a broader focus on the features of a river and riverbank. 
History We will learn a bit about the History of Pelsall and how the canals were made. We will be looking more closely at how the use of canals has changed over the years.
Music In Music with Miss Bird we will continue to learn songs that are widely related to our topic Wonderful Riverbanks. 
PSHE This term we are looking in particular at the theme 'getting on and falling out.'


RWI Pure Sounds

This is a helpful video which goes through how to pronounce the Phonics sounds and the rhymes used to help children remember each individual sounds.