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Welcome to 4E!


Your class teacher is Mrs Edwards and your teaching assistant is Mrs Beck. We have 30 children in our fabulous class who all work extremely hard. On our class page, you can find information about what we have been learning, books we are reading and information to help continue your learning outside of school.


Targets for Year 4

Maths:  Know all times tables facts up to 12 x 12 at speed

Writing: Be able to use fronted adverbials and use all speech punctuation correctly 

Spelling: Pupils should know how to spell all the words on the Year 3/4 list ( You will find a copy of this on It's Learning)

Pupil of the week:  Alexi smiley
Fab Five: 

Respect - George

Learning Attitude - Edward

Team Work - Libby Anna

Good Example - Lilli- Mai

Precision - Alexi 

Star winners : 

This week our learning attitude was: 


Our Winners were:

Alexi and Skye

Reading in 4E:

 Our author this term is Jeremy Strong and we are enjoying reading 'The Hundred Mile an Hour Dog - Master of Disguise'





In our English lessons were are also reading and basing our writing on the text:





Class News: 

On Tuesday we had a letter delivered from none other than Englebert Sneem!



So we set to work on designing the dream vacuum cleaner. Considering what features it would need to have.


You can see some of our design ideas below!


Our class timetable


'Stars and Stripes'


This half term our text will be 'The Iron Man' we will also be using clips from 'The Iron Giant' to support us. 

Our writing focus will be:

  • Expanded noun phrases 
  • Speech punctuation 
  • Fronted adverbials 
  • Extending sentences using conjunctions

Our spelling focus will be: 

  • Using prefixes anti- and -inter
  • Suffixes -cian, -sion, -tion and -ssion 
  • Learning to spell words from the Year 3/4 word list 

Our reading skills focus will be:

  • Inference
  • Retrieval  
  • Prediction 
  • Relating 


  • Multiplying 2d x 1d using mental methods and written column methods
  • Area and perimeter of shapes 
  • Column addition using up to 4 digit numbers 
  • Knowing fractions as decimals 


Our topic in Science this half term is 'In State' where pupils learn about the properties of solids, liquids and gases. They will explore how materials change state from one to another and will also explore the water cycle. 


We shall be looking at how America has changed over its history from it's early pioneers to the country that it is today. 

We will be exploring the history of space exploration. Including the 'Space Race' between American and Russia.  


We will look at where in the world the biggest contributors of space travel come from. 


We will be learning more about the artist Andy Warhol and we will be exploring creating our own art pieces in his style. 

We will also be developing our sketching techniques further as we look at some famous American landmarks. 

In DT we will be designing and making our own nightlight based on the theme of space. 


In our computing sessions we are going to look at how we are able to edit and create our won web pages using what we have learnt about in our topic to create the content for our web pages. 


We will be continuing our study on 'Why do people make pilgrimages?'. We will learn about Christian, Hindu and Muslim pilgramges and then look at how life is like a journey and explore where we see our journey's going in the future. 


Our focus this term is gymnastics. Children will learn a range of balances, leaps and rolls and will explore how to present a sequence. 


The children will be learning songs from American Films and Broadway with Miss Bird this half term. 


In French we will be learning how to describe phyiscal appearneaces mainly focussing on describing hair and eyes. 


Click the link and then login in to find activities and learning that can be recorded into your green homework book.

Our dream vacuum designs

Our dream vacuum designs  1
Our dream vacuum designs  2
Our dream vacuum designs  3

Maths Lesson 16th February

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