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Welcome to 6T!


Our class teacher is Miss Thomson and our class teaching assistant is Mrs Sadler-Hughes. Within our class we have 25 children who are getting ready for Y6 Leavers and Prom. 



Miss Thomson will be updating this page regularly with key information to support our English and Maths lessons.

Our class Its Learning page will have links and resources to aid your revision and work at home.

If you have any ideas about what you would like to see on this page then please let Miss Thomson know!

Reading in class


Class reader: Journey to Jo'burg by Beverley Naidoo





Class news


We are greatly enjoying our reading sessions with the elderly at Pelsall Hall.

We are holding a cake sale this Friday for the school in the hopes of raising enough money to adopt an animal through the WWF.


Pupil of the year

Dylan Groves


Pupil of the week

Reegan Clift



RESPECT - Paige Kenny


PRECISION - Sadie Mason

TEAM WORK - Kian Johnson



Star winners!

Outstanding consideration - Alex Jeffery and Jacob Hope



Fantastic effort by all this week! Keep up the hard work year 6! frown

Road Safety

Road Safety 1
Road Safety 2

Summer 2 English and Maths

Maths w/c English
Place value and F, D and P recap 4.6.18

Persuasive writing

Instruction writing - animal biscuits

Fractions, decimals and percentages - of amounts 11.6.18 Chester Zoo - non-chronological report
Code breaker challenges 18.6.18 Descriptive writing from pictures
Topic maths - endangered species 25.6.18 Benin - topic work
Escape rooms code breaking 2.7.18 Benin - religion and creation
Maths board games 9.7.18 Debating the demise of Benin - report writing
Y6 Leavers 16.7.18 Y6 Leavers


Jacob Hope has written his own poem inspired by the word melancholy.

Mrs Tuckwell-Allen challenged him to start every line with an 'm'.

Here is his finished work.


Melancholy melon hung off the melon tree,

Monkeys laugh for they are free,

Moping around the trees roots,

Men crush vegetation with leather boots.

Meandering round the tree of life,

Melon looked at them in strife.

Mercilessly, he knew his fate,

Melon knew it wasn't worth debate.

Murder it is, to be hacked away,

Merciless to fall in a flay.

Men dump him and drive away,

Melancholy melon will never see the next day.

Summer 1 English and Maths


Maths w/c English
Mixed calculation methods and two step problems 16.04.18 The Piano narrative description
Prime numbers and factors 23.04.18 Kensuke's Kingdom Play Script
Fractions 30.04.18 Kensuke's Kingdom log entry
All Maths Area revision 7.05.18 Kensuke's Kingdom sensory description
SATS WEEK 14.05.18 SATS WEEK. Holiday recommendation report
Practical maths 21.05.18 First-person accounts



Spring 1 - Weekly English and Maths


Maths Date English
Word problems 8.01.18 Kennings poem
Converting fractions, decimals and percentages 15.01.18 Newspaper writing; WWI
Co-ordinates in four quadrants 22.01.18 Friend or Foe opening narrative
Converting measures of length and mass 29.01.18 Friend or Foe evacuation description
Converting measures of time 5.02.18

Friend or Foe - letter home /

diary entry

Data interpretation 12.02.18 Friend or Foe - army report


Spring 2 - English and Maths overview



Maths Week commencing English
BODMAS 26.2.18 Mayor's writing challenge
Topic related maths - rationing 5.3.18 Friend or Foe - balanced argument
Decimal calculations 12.3.18 Rationing instructions

Fractions - multiplying and dividing

by whole numbers

19.3.18 Biographical writing

Written methods -

multiplication and division

26.3.18 TRIP and Fabulous Finish


Brownhills Primary partnership

SATS prep; Pelsall Village style

SATS prep; Pelsall Village style 1
SATS prep; Pelsall Village style 2
SATS prep; Pelsall Village style 3
SATS prep; Pelsall Village style 4
SATS prep; Pelsall Village style 5
SATS prep; Pelsall Village style 6
SATS prep; Pelsall Village style 7


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