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Welcome to Reception Class RT

Reception Teachers: Miss Donaldson and Mrs Tite

Reception Teaching Assistants:  Miss Brennan, Mrs Crump, Mrs Spragg.  
Additional Staff: Mrs Purcell and Mrs Arrowsmith  
Our Topic: Growing and Changing - Animals  
Weekly Learning Attitude: Curiosity  

This week we are recognising the following children

for their hard work and effort, our pupils of the week are: Toby, Charlie, Benjamin and Tayah



Remember to keep sending your letter formation practise to every week.




We have planted giant sunflower seeds as part of our class topic about growing. The seeds have now begun to grow so the children are taking them home. As a long term project we would like you to take care of of the sunflower and see how tall you can get it to grow. Take pictures regularly and when it flowers send the photos in to school. There will be a prize for the tallest ones!


You may send your child's work in to school, or you may prefer to email it, or even send it in the form of a vlog. As usual your homework can be sent to We look forward to seeing your flowers!