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Internet Safe Guidance


Please be aware of the following Apps:

 X ROBLOX There is a risk of stranger danger and adult content through the online message availability. 


   * YOTI Verified by the National Crime agency as legitimate. This app allows users to delete any unwanted images from the internet.

The Safeguarding Staff in Our School are:



Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is Mrs Kate Bignell Page (Tel 01922 682073 Ext 207).


The Link Governor to Safeguarding is Mr Garry Perry

Deputy Safeguarding Lead is Glyn Bagley

Designated Lead for Looked After Children is Glyn Bagley

Deputy Lead for Looked After Children is Kate Bignell Page

E-Safety Co-ordinator is Kate Bignell Page

Behaviour Lead is Kate Bignell Page

Chair of Governors is Garry Perry

Single Point of Contact Lead for PREVENT (SPOC) is Glyn Bagley

Lead for Attendance is Glyn Bagley

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is Sallyann Tuckwell Allen


Further information on safeguarding can be found under 'Key Information > Policies.'

Children's Training

We are very fortunate to have strong links with outside agencies, to this end we have been able to secure high level and regular training for our children. We as a school endeavour to provide our children with as much information as possible to allow them to make informed and positive decisions to keep themselves safe. Our local Community Support Police Officer Dave Bryan is a regular visitor to school and trains our children on current and local issues such as anti-social behaviour, taking responsibility for your actions and understanding that there are consequences for your choices. The children were surprised that poor choices and joint enterprise could result in you being given an Anti Social Behaviour Order. They received training on keeping safe on bonfire night and being respectful to our more mature members of the community when out for Halloween and Carol Singing. Serious issues such as knife and gun crime have been spoken about with the children taking part in discussions regarding their understanding of this. Following the accidental death of a member of the local community our children received training on open water safety  following a presentation by Mick Goode a Watch Commander from Aldridge Fire Station. Internet Safety is always an area which constantly needs updating as more sophisticated programmes and Apps are created which could cause our children to make the wrong choice and become vulnerable to inappropriate influences. Nicola Rudge who is from the team that monitor our internet usage within school has delivered a comprehensive training programme to individual year groups throughout the school, the children engaged well and were open and honest as to their internet and App usage. Through our links with CAMHS (Children and Adolescents Mental Health Service) our children have received training on ensuring that they keep themselves mentally strong and well. The NSPCC PANTS Underwear Rule is visited on a regular basis. Recently our Carousel Day had the topic of Keeping Yourself Safe, the day allowed us to continue developing the children's knowledge with topics such as electrical safety, safety within the home, level crossing and train line safety, frozen water safety, stranger danger, internet safety and the NSPCC Underwear Rule. Super Hero's were also created by the children who could intervene should a child need their help and guidance. Anti-bullying week produced some amazing work from our talented children, where they demonstrated their understanding of bullying and what action should be taken. Displays around the school highlight the level of commitment and understanding of our children in keeping themselves safe.    KBP   




Staff Training

All staff, governors and students receive regular training in safeguarding. Disclosures are just as likely to be made to one of our lunchtime supervisors or students as to any other member of staff therefore it is important that our school community know how to deal with disclosures and who to report to, all in a timely manner.  All staff including lunchtime supervisors, students and governors receive annual child protection level 1 training. The Designated Safeguarding Lead, the Deputy Designated Lead and the Governor for safeguarding receives the Advanced level 2/3 Child Protection annually. Throughout the year formal staff/governor/student training takes place on a variety of subjects such as internet safety and Wrap (radicalisation and extremism) training. The Designated Safeguarding Lead attends all of the safeguarding briefings that are arranged by Walsall Children's Safeguarding board. The information from the briefing is then compiled into a newsletter for staff/students and governors, information sheets are composed for subjects requiring more information such as female genital mutilation, breast ironing, forced/arranged marriages and forms of child abuse. Every member of staff/governor/student receives the sheets and updates, there are also files in every class, the nurture group and before and after school club that are maintained with the same safeguarding information. The Keeping Children Safe in Education KCSE) document and Annexe A is also issued at the start of the academic year although there is a new (KCSE) document which is due to be released in early 2018. We have a safeguarding reference board which contains a wealth of safeguarding information such as the new Multi Agency Referral Form (MARF) which has been released this month and many other documents and 'go-to' resources for staff.  Disqualification Through Association declarations are completed annually by the whole school community to ensure that all staff/governors/students and the people who live in their homes are completely clear of any police involvement that may impact on their suitability to work with children. External agencies provide much of our training as they are experts in their field, we are fortunate enough to have secured Street Teams to visit school to train staff in Child Sexual Exploitation in January 2018, governors and students are also invited. In early June 2018 we have Data Protection Awareness training.

We are fortunate to have such a conscientious governing body who are keen to attend all of the training that is arranged.

We already have staff that are trained in Safer Recruitment however more staff have been registered for training in February 2018. As our expectation is that all staff/governors/students should have a good understanding of all areas of safeguarding the Designated Safeguarding Lead is compiling a questionnaire which covers all areas of safeguarding in-line with child protection level 1 training  which will be given to the whole school community, this will identify any areas that may need re-visiting, there will also be a section for self-evaluation and for further training to be identified.  

In our school 'Safeguarding is Everybody's Business' and all staff/governors and students are trained to 'Expect the Unexpected.'