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Year 1

Welcome 1T and 1/2H


1T - Mrs Tite and Miss Brennan, 1/2H - Miss Harris and Mrs Pitt


We have had a great start to the year so far. The children have come in to school with lovely smiles and have enjoyed seeing their friends again. Although the daily routine is very different to what they are used to they are adapting well and are comfortable in their new classrooms. We look forward to spending the year with them all and watching them develop both socially and academically.


English - Elmer the elephant.

English pre-learning


Sorting objects





Your child has come home with a spelling booklet today. There are 6 weeks worth of spellings that your child is expected to learn. We are beginning on Week 2 (18-24 Sept), please help your child to learn the words for the current week and they will then have a test on Thursday (24th). This is in line with the rest of the school and it is expected that your child will learn as may of the words as possible. The best way to teach them to spell these words is by repeated practise. Buy a little whiteboard and practise writing them every evening with your child. They will not be able to retain them if they only look at them the night before. 

Autumn Term Homework

Spelling booklet

National Curriculum Spelling Lists

Creative Curriculum

Phonics apps and websites

If you have run out of reading materials with your children, then please have a look on 

Author of the term - Julia Donaldson





We are going to be exploring stories this term and writing simple sentences based on them. We are going to practice our handwriting and alphabets, and making sure we enjoy our work and writing for a purpose. Our aim is to have fun and write about it.






Mass and capacity

number bonds


Science this half term is 'Animals and our pets' with Mrs Simmons.


sea and sky



  RE Christianity and Easter
Music British music - National anthem.






Our homework this term is an extension of our amazing topic. You will find our overview in the front of the books. Please encourage your children to do some extra research or making projects at home, and out the evidence in their green books. I am looking forward to seeing the creativity the children come up with :)


Spellings Fridays :)


RWI Pure Sounds

A helpful video which goes through how to pronounce each individual sound and the rhyme we use to help the children remember each sound.