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Welcome to 2M


Your teacher is Mrs Moore and your teaching assistant is Mrs Bryan.

In our class we have 30 amazing children.


We always work hard, are kind to others and follow the golden rules at all times.

Our current topic is

People who help us!

READING IN 2M: Cinderella







Olivia & Anson


Children are expected to read each night at home and their books should be brought into school each day for extra reading practice. Year 2 children complete a small quiz in school when they have finished their book (any day of the week – just let your class teacher or teaching assistant know when you have finished each book) and will then be able to choose their own new book.

Now it is the Spring term and we are approaching the SATS our homework has changed. We will be sending out homework each Friday to practice skills we are learning in class. We expect the homework to be handed in by the following Friday.

Throughout the holiday please could any children with a CGP book continue to work through the books.

As and when they are completed please bring them into school to share with us.


Thank you

Subject Topics to be covered in the Spring term are:
English We will continue to work on punctuation and word classes. We are beginning to write for different purposes through texts such as Snow White. We will focus on the characters and settings within stories. We will be revising suffixes and beginning to include these within our work. 

This term we will be completing revising some topics mainly focusing on number work - the four operations, place value and partitioning. We will now also be looking at the wider areas of Maths such as money, shape, data and fractions.

Science This term we are looking at materials, their uses and their properties.
RE We are learning about new life and Easter this half term.
ICT We will be using ICT to use algorithms, complete research and create and save work documents.
PE This term our topic is throwing and catching. We will focus on the skill to begin with and then use our skills to play team games. 
Geography We will be focusing on where we live and locating where we live on a map. We will then be looking more in-depth at the United Kingdom and the countries within. We will be comparing Pelsall to cities, the countryside and the coastal areas. 
History We will learn about people who have helped us both past and present including soldiers and Florence Nightingale.
Music In Music with Miss Bird we will continue to learn songs that are related to our topic People who Help us.
PSHE This term the theme is feelings.


RWI Pure Sounds

This is a helpful video which goes through how to pronounce the Phonics sounds and the rhymes used to help children remember each individual sounds.