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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 




Each day we will set a small task to help your child to know a little about what they will be learning in Maths and English the following day. This way they will be more prepared for what they will be learning about in the lesson. 




For Tuesday

Remind yourself about what a prefix is:

For Wednesday

We will be planning a letter from Hiccup about his journey to sea.

What do we need to include in a letter?

For Thursday

We will be writing our letter today.

Think of some writing codes you might be able to use.







 WC 23.11.2020

For Monday: Subtract 3 digits from 3 digits (No exchanging)


Watch the first video on this page.

For Tuesday: Subtract 3 digits from 3 digits.


Watch the second video on this page.

For Wednesday: Subtract 3 digits from 3 digits.

Write out a subtraction sums using 3 digits and challenge someone at home to complete it.

Do they use the same method or do they use a different method?


For Thursday: Problem solving

What have you learnt so far about addition and subtraction? Write 3 tips!



Curriculum Coverage Autumn Term 


Maths Week commencing  English

Place Value



Portal Stories 

  • Orally re-telling stories 
  • Describing settings
  • Prepositions 
  • Speech punctuation  

Place Value 




Portal Stories 

Place Value


Portal Stories 



Place Value


Portal Stories 

Addition and Subtraction



Addition and Subtraction



Information texts



Autumn 1  

Early Britain and Invaders 

Creative Curriculum:

We will learn about:

Week 1   
Week 2   
Week 3  
Week 4  
Week 5  
Week 6   


Science: Forces and Magnets

French: Greetings 

RE: Special books 

PE: Gymnastics

Computing: Exploring algorithms 

Key Information 


Children are expected to read regularly at home and to complete an AR book quiz each week. We have time dedicated for children to read their selected reading book but we encourage as much as possible to also listen to them read at home. 


Our class novel that we will be reading together and using for our Whole Class Reading is:


In our English lessons we will be using: 





Each week children will be required to practise a set list of spellings. Spelling tests are taken on a Thursday. Their test scores will be recorded at the bottom of the relevant pages in their spelling booklet. Children will also record which words they still need to learn from the spelling test 



Each week we complete a CLIC quiz in school. Part of the maths homework is to look at which questions they did not get right in that week's CLIC quiz and to spend a little time practising at home ready for the next CLIC quiz. 


Creative Curriculum 

Children will need to select an area of our Creative Curriculum learning that they are interested in to find out more about that area. For instance, if the children have been interested in learning about the different Oceans they may decide to create a factfile for one of the oceans or seas that they are most interested about it. They can then bring in their yellow homework book at the end of the half term for us to take a look at and give out merits if the work is of a good quality



Our PE day is Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. 

Please make sure that your child has their full PE kit in school on these days.

This should include:

School PE top

Black PE shorts 

Black pumps 


Long hair should be tied up on PE days and if your child wears earrings they must remove them before the lesson as they are getting changed or cover them with a suitable tape or plasters bought from home. 


Children will be asked to take home PE kits to be washed over the weekend and will need to have them back in school by the following Tuesday.