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Welcome to 4E!


Our class teacher is Mrs Edwards and our teaching assistant is Miss Instone. We have 29 children in our fabulous class who all work extremely hard. On our class page, you can find information about what we have been learning, details about homework, books we are reading and information to help continue your learning outside of school.


Targets for Year 4

Maths:  Know all times tables facts up to 12 x 12 at speed

Writing: To use fronted adverbials to begin our sentences 

Spelling: Pupils should know how to spell all the words on the Year 3/4 list ( You will find a copy of this on It's Learning)

Pupil of the week:  William
Fab Five: 

Respect - Abigail

Learning Attitude - William

Team Work - Katie

Good Example - Maisie

Precision - Khattab

Star winners : 

This week our learning attitude is: 





Reading in 4E:

 Our class reader this term is 'The Boy who grew dragons' by Andy Shepherd. 




In our English lessons this half term  we will be reading and basing our writing on the texts:






Our homework can be accessed on It's Learning . Each week we have spellings that we need to learn and have a reading task that we must complete. Mrs Edwards has also set us some other homework tasks that are linked to our topic 'Early Britain'. You will also find some extra activities for you to complete to practise the particular area that we are looking at in Maths or English that week.


If you have purchased the CGP books. The pages that you will need to complete over half term are:


10 min Maths Book

Maths Targeted Questions Book
p. 2, 8, 9 

English Targeted Question book 
p. 4,5,6,7


The table below will show you which pages you will need to complete over the coming half term. Remember to hand them in to get them marked each week! 


Week commencing  10 minute maths  Targeted Question Maths Targeted Question English
25th Feb  p.12, p.34  p.22, p.24 p.18, p.20
4th March p.22, p.30 p.42 p.36, p.72, p.74
11th March p.14 p.18 p.22, p.50
18th March  p.24, p.28, p,48  p.29, p.30, p.35  p.64, p.84
25th March p.38 p.25 p.26, p.27
1st April p.16, p.32, p.36 p.61, p.62, p.64 p.14, p.16, p.82
8th April      p.29, p.42, p.76


Class News: 


For our first week back after half term we have our common wealth art afternoon and a carousel day to look forward to.


For our carousel day (Friday 1st April) we have invited our parents along with us to help finish off or begin our science competition entries so make sure you can pop along on Friday afternoon to join us for our Science themed carousel day. 










Our class timetable


'Invaders and Settlers'


This half term our texts will be 'How to be a Viking' by Cressida Cowell and 'How to Train your Dragon' by Cressida Cowell  

Our writing focus will be:

  • Expanded noun phrases including the use of prepositions
  • Speech punctuation 
  • Use of conjunctions 
  •  Fronted Adverbials
  • Use of the apostrophe for plural nouns  

Our spelling focuses will be: 

  • Learning words from the Year 3/4 spelling list
  • Prefixes of auto-, anti-, and inter-
  • Words that end in -ssion, -tion, -cian, -sion 
  • Developing our knowledge of homophones (words that sound the same but are spelt differently)
  •  Adding the suffix of -ly to words 

Our reading gems we will be focussing on are:

  • Predict
  • Infer
  • Retrieve 
  • Summarise 
  • Relate 
  • Define 
  • Explore


  • Multiplying 2 digit number by a 1 digit number using mental methods of calculation
  • Converting and using units of measurement 
  •  Using column methods to add up to 4-digit numbers together 
  • Writing fractions as decimals and finding fractions of an amount 
  • Using column methods of multiplication to solve 2 digit multiplied by a 1 digit number
  • Exploring using bar charts and line graphs  



This half term we are continuing with our theme of Invaders and Settlers but we are exploring more to do with the Viking way of life and key events. 



We are going to be learning about where the Vikings came from and will also be developing and creating maps for our own settlements.  


In Art this term we are going to be looking at some Anglo Saxon celtic designs. 


In our computing sessions we are going to become 'Network Engineers' as well completing our Viking raids animations that we began last half term. 


This half term we will continue to learn about religious buildings but we will be looking more at holy buildings for the Sikh faith. 


This half term we will be taking part in Tag Rugby! 


The children will be taking part in Singing lessons from our Music teacher Miss Bird.


In French we are going to be learning how to describe someone's appearance.  


Click the link and then login in to find activities and learning that can be recorded into your yellow homework book.