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Welcome to 4E!


Our class teacher is Mrs Edwards and our teaching assistant is Miss Instone. We have 30 children in our class who all work extremely hard. On our class page, you can find information about what we have been learning, details about homework, books we are reading and information to help continue your learning outside of school.



Children with awards this week: 

Pupils of the week: 

Evie & Lily-Ema

Fab Five: 

Precision - Kelly

Improvement - Jackson

Prepared - Evie

Listening - Sarah

Determination - Lily-Ema

Curriculum Coverage Autumn Term 1


Maths Week commencing  English

Number and Place Value 

  • Roman Numerals 
  • Rounding to the nearest 10 or 100


  • Descriptive sentences 

Number and Place Value 

  • Counting in 1,000s
  • Understanding 1000s 100s 10s and 1s 

Egyptian Cinderella

  • Diary entry 
  • Showing character's emotions 

Number and Place Value 

  • Partitioning 4 digit numbers
  • Using a numberline up to 10,000
  • Finding 1,000 more or less

Story Time Poem by Pie Corbett

  • Use of adverbs to begin a sentence 
  • Choice of verbs to add to meaning 
  • Write their own poem based on Egyptian Cinderella

Number and Place Value 

  • Compare and order 4 digit numbers 
  • Round the nearest 1,000
  • Negative numbers 

Egyptian Cinderella

  • Beginning sentences in different ways 
  • Basic sentence punctuation 
  • Descriptive sentences 

Addition and Subtraction 

  • Mental strategies for addition 

Egyptian Cinderella

  • Write an alternate version of Egyptian Cinderella 
  • Descriptive sentences
  • Sentence beginning in different ways 
  • Selecting verbs carefully 
  • Planning stories  

Addition and Subtraction 

  • Column methods of addition 

Instructions - How to create a mummy!

  • Identify structure and features of instructions
  • Clarity of instructions 

Addition and Subtraction 

  • Mental methods of subtraction

Instructions - How to play an ancient Egyptian Sport 

  • Planning their own instructions 
  • Write instructions of how to play a particular ancient sport


Addition and Subtraction 

  • Column subtraction

Performance Poetry

  • How to vary their voice for performance 
  • Writing their own poem to perform 


Creative Curriculum topic: Ancient Egyptians 

Science: Rocks, fossils and soils. 

French: Numbers to 20 

RE: Why do people find Jesus an inspiration? 

Music: Vocal sessions with Miss Bird 

PE: Netball 

Computing: Presenting information via film

Key Information 


Children are expected to read regularly at home and to complete an AR book quiz each week. We have time dedicated for children to read their selected reading book but we encourage as much as possible to also listen to them read at home. 


Our class novel that we are reading and using for some of our guided reading sessions is:

Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll


As part of our English lessons this half term we will be using:


The Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo



Next half term we will be using:




Each week children will be required to practise a set list of spellings. Spelling tests are taken on a Thursday. Their test scores will be recorded at the bottom of the relevant pages in their spelling booklet. Children will also record which words they still need to learn from the spelling test 



Each week we complete a CLIC quiz in school. Part of the maths homework is to look at which questions they did not get right in that week's CLIC quiz and to spend a little time practising at home ready for the next CLIC quiz. 


Creative Curriculum 

Children are given a set amount of tasks to complete in their project book to further their learning about that particular theme. If they then complete these tasks they will have the opportunity to select one area to complete a small project on. This can be anything from the topic that has captured their interest and be presented in any way they choose! 



Our PE days are Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

Please make sure that your child has their full PE kit in school on these days.

This should include:

School PE top

Black PE shorts 

Black pumps 


Long hair should be tied up on PE days and if your child wears earrings they must remove them before the lesson as they are getting changed or cover them with a suitable tape or plasters bought from home.