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Welcome to 4E!


Our class teacher is Mrs Edwards and our teaching assistant is Miss Instone. We have 32 children in our class who all work extremely hard. On our class page, you can find information about what we have been learning, details about homework, books we are reading and information to help continue your learning outside of school.



Children with awards this week: 

Pupils of the week: 

Archie and Tommie

Fab Five: 

Precision - Archie

Presentation - Tommie

Collaboration - Nikitta

Consistency - Darcey

Concentration - Summer

Curriculum Coverage Spring Term 1


Maths Week commencing  English

Multiplication and Division

  • 11 and 12 times table
  • Factor pairs
  • Multiply 3 numbers

Non-Chronological Report 

  • Designing a sea monster 
  • Features of a non-chronological report 
  • using paragraphs correctly 

Multiplication and Division


  • Efficient multiplication
  • Written methods
  • Multiply 2-digit numbers by 1-digit number
  • Multiply 3-digit numbers by a 1-digit number

Non-Chronological Report 


Multiplication and Division 

  • Divide 2-digits by 1-digit
  • Correspondence problems

Instruction writing



  • What is area?
  • Counting squares
  • Making shapes
  • Comparing area  

Adventures at Sandy Cove (Narrative)


  • What is a fraction?
  • Equivalent fractions  

Adventures at Sandy Cove (Narrative)


  • Fractions greater than 1
  • Count in fractions
  • Add 2 or more fractions  

Adventures at Sandy Cove (Narrative)




Spring 1 

Into the Abyss

Creative Curriculum:

We will learn about:

Week 1 

Design Technology

  • Exploring use of pneumatic systems in making objects work or move
  • Designing a sea creature that has one moving part
Week 2 
  • Making a sea monster that moves using a pneumatic system
  • Evaluating how successful our model was. 
Week 3


  • Naming oceans and seas of the world 
  • Describing their position using the terms 'Northern hemisphere' and 'Southern hemisphere' 
Week 4  
Week 5  
Week 6   



Science: Habitat Helpers

French: Likes and Dislikes 

RE: Special Journeys 

Music: Singing sessions with Miss Bird  

PE: Gymnastics 

Computing: Explaining data packets

Key Information 


Children are expected to read regularly at home and to complete an AR book quiz each week. We have time dedicated for children to read their selected reading book but we encourage as much as possible to also listen to them read at home. 


Our class novel that we will be reading together is:



As part of our English lessons this half term we will be using a selection of short stories from Pie Corbett. 





Next half term we will be using:





Each week children will be required to practise a set list of spellings. Spelling tests are taken on a Thursday. Their test scores will be recorded at the bottom of the relevant pages in their spelling booklet. Children will also record which words they still need to learn from the spelling test 



Each week we complete a CLIC quiz in school. Part of the maths homework is to look at which questions they did not get right in that week's CLIC quiz and to spend a little time practising at home ready for the next CLIC quiz. 


Creative Curriculum 

Children will need to select an area of our Creative Curriculum learning that they are interested in to find out more about that area. For instance if the children have been interested in learning about the different Oceans they may decide to create a factfile for one of the oceans or seas that they are most interested about it. They can then bring in their yellow homework book at the end of the half term for us to take a look at and give out merits if the work is of a good quality



Our PE day is Monday. 

Please make sure that your child has their full PE kit in school on these days.

This should include:

School PE top

Black PE shorts 

Black pumps 


Long hair should be tied up on PE days and if your child wears earrings they must remove them before the lesson as they are getting changed or cover them with a suitable tape or plasters bought from home. 








Our adventures in our classroom

W/C 13.1.20 

This week we have been creating moving models of our own sea creature that we have designed and making them move using pneumatics. 

Here are a few of them in our new topic display:




We have also been writing information texts about our new sea creatures that we have discovered. 

Take a look inside our class encyclopedia: 







​​​​​​​W/C 20.1.20


This week we have been learning to name the oceans and major seas of the world. 


Test your knowledge of the Oceans and Seas with this Kahoot Quiz. Copy and past the link below into your web browser and then type in the Game Pin. Can you beat your parents? 


Game Pin:



Let Mrs Edwards know how you did!