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Welcome to 5CR

Happy Autumn Term!


Welcome to class 5CR's page. In our class we have 19 hardworking children.


For the first part of the week the children are taught by Mrs Rose and for the later part of the week the class are taught by Mrs Carthey. The class are also very lucky to have Mrs Sweet for additional support on certain morning and afternoon sessions. She carries out work on interventions, extra reading and misconception support. 


Our guided reading text this week is 'Castle' and we are looking at 'Relate' reading gems this week. 


Consistency - Alfie

Collaboration - Mya and Maisie

Concentration - Leah

Precision- Jak

Presentation - Poppy

PUPILS OF THE WEEK Jak and Poppy for their efforts in all learning activities and for adapting to our new handwriting scheme.


Dojo of the Week- 


This half term, our PE sessions are on a Wednesday where the children will be going SWIMMING (they will need full PE kit each week) and a Thursday. We ask that full PE kit is needed in school all week in case we have extra activities outside. These can be kept in individual lockers. 



MATHS - every Thursday, our CLICs, Beat That and SAFE challenges will come home. Please go through these sheets with your child, identifying successful areas and go through the questions that were incorrect. They may write on these sheets and do any extra questions to support these areas. 

READING - please read with your child as much as you can and discuss what they have read. The aim is to read at least 1 whole book each week. 

PROJECT HOME LEARNING - In the yellow project books, complete some project work based on the topic your child is studying. Use the mindmap at the front of the book with ideas and bring your book back at the end of the half term or term. 



Each week, we will be learning some topic based words. Use your spelling booklet to learn these words and they will be tested every Thursday! 

This week's words are:








Here are some new spelling activities for you to help you practise at home.

Here are some new spelling activities for you to help you practise at home. 1

Year 5 and 6 Statutory Spelling Words

Spring 2 Overview - Groovy Greeks

English Date Maths Topic Learning
500 word story competition entries 24.02.20    





Spring 1 Overview - Groovy Greeks

English Date Maths Topic Learning
Setting and character descriptions 06.01.20

Written Multiplication

1d x 4d

Initial mindmaps

Stunning Start

 Fiction - continuing a story using an image

as stimulus.

13.01.20 Written Multiplication 2d x 2d

Identifying Greece on a world and European map. 

Relief map of Greece

Expanded Noun 

phrases - Greek mythical creatures

20.01.20 Written Multiplication 3d x 2d

Researching Mount Olympus

Comparing Mount Olympus and Ben Nevis

Creating non-chronological reports

Report Writing - non-chronological reports 27.01.20

Short Division

4d ÷ 1d

Climate in Greece compared to the UK

Writing weather reports

Perseus and Medusa  03.02.20 Mixed numbers and improper fractions

Green Screen weather reports

Timeline of Ancient Greece

Perseus and Medusa Diary Entry 10.02.20 Ordering fractions Art - Optical Illusions

Autumn 2 Overview - We'll Meet Again

English Date Maths Topic Learning
Conjunctions 04.11.19 Multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. Rationing
Non-fiction, balanced argument 11.11.19 Statistics - line graphs. DT - food. Making a rationed cake
Instructions 18.11.19 Statistics - reading and interpreting tables and charts.

Geography - where could land be used for 'Dig for Victory?'

R.E. Hitler's views

Assessment Week 25.11.19 Assessment Week Trip to RAF Cosford
Recount Writing 02.12.19 Area and Perimeter Role of Women in WW2
Biography of Anne Frank 09.12.19 Addition and subtraction, reading tables Final topic mind maps

Autumn 1 Overview - We'll Meet Again


English Date Maths Topic Learning
Fictional Writing 02.09.19 Place Value - value of digits Stunning Start
Features of a diary 09.09.19

Place Value - adding

and subtracting 

Timeline of WW2
Writing a diary entry 16.09.19

Place Value - rounding,

comparing and ordering numbers. 

Leaders of WW2

The Battle of Britain

Complex sentences

Write a character portrait


Numbers up to 1 million


Allies and Axis of WW2

Blitz artwork

Relative Clauses/pronouns

Informal letter writing


Written addition and subtraction

Estimating and rounding

Comparisons between London and Walsall


Dialogue, speech punctuation 07.10.19 Inverse operations, bar model Sensory Description of a Spitfire flight
Fiction- retelling an event 14.10.19 Multiples and factors DT - building an Anderson shelter
Figurative language - poetry 21.10.19 Prime, squared and cubed numbers DT - building an Anderson shelter





Topic homework tasks