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Fun Time Friday

This week, we are going to be thinking and learning about ourselves.


Reading and Writing

Our story of the week is When I Grow Up.

Click on the link in our class page to read and listen to the story with your child.


Discuss any new or ‘tricky’ words and their meanings with your child. Create a ‘Word Bank’ and list these words, revisiting them throughout the week.


After reading the story, ask your child what occupation they would like to do when they grow up. Can you help your child research their choice, draw a picture and write or mark make. Click on the template in the topic section below or draw your own on paper.

Letters and Sounds

Alliteration is the repetition of the same sound or letter at the beginning of each or most of the words in a sentence.


Read our story of Sid the Sheep below. How many words can you hear that begin with the ‘s’ sound?

Click on the link and join the dots. Can you write what you have drawn?


We have been learning about the letter sound 's'.


Practise writing the letter sound 's' by mark making in sugar (Or similar), forming the letter by using objects such as Cheerios, then using chalks or a pencil to write.


Can you draw something that begins with the letter sound ‘s’?

Click on the link to print or draw your own on paper.

Can you write underneath what you have drawn?


Click on the link below to sing the Nursery Rhyme Two Little Dickie Birds with your child:-

Watch Numberlocks 2 below:-

Ask your child to find 2 objects. Can your child count them by touching each object and saying the numbers 1 then 2 as they count?


Can you complete the All About Number 2 activities?


This week we have been reading the story When I Grow Up.

You have been researching different occupations and today it is your turn to think about what you may possibly want to do when you grow up. Talk to your grown up and research your ideas.

Can you draw a picture of what you want to do and write anything about the occupation?

Click on the link for a template or draw your own on paper.