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No Screen Friday

Today, as part of no screen Friday, we are going to have our own tea party at home with our families. If possible, can you make your own sandwiches and some cakes or cookies? Can you follow a recipe? Can you build a den outside or inside to read your favourite books? You may want to play some party games such as pass the parcel and musical statues.


Whatever you choose to do today, take some photographs and send them to our Nursery email. We are looking forward to seeing you all again on Monday. 


Party Food List

What food would you like to eat at your tea party?

Draw or make a list.

Below is a template to help you.

Design a Cupcake

Every tea party needs cupcakes. Can you create your own design?

Click on the link for a cupcake template or draw your own.

Animal Poems

You may want to read a poem to your animal at your tea party.

Click on the link to fill in the missing rhyming words in the animal poems. Choose your words from a selection at the bottom of the page. There is a tiger, a monkey and an elephant poem to choose from or you may want to complete all three.

Tiger Tube Craft

Click on the link to make your own cardboard tube Tiger.

You may want to dance and sing along to Robbie Williams’ version of Hey Tiger, based on our story.