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                        M A T H S


Good morning all,


Today we have a simple activity number formation activity. There are two to complete. I would suggest doing these over the next two days as this activity is more focused on precision rather than speed of completion. By tracing numbers, children can improve their pencil control and handwriting skills as well as their number recognition. Building confidence with number recognition is essential when moving on from foundation mathematical concepts. 

                     P H O N I C S


Today’s Phonics is a colouring activity all to do with rhyme. For this activity you will need a red, yellow, green and blue crayon. You will then need to look at the end sound on each crayon at the top e.g 'an' and then colour all the pictures with that sound at the end the colour of the crayon. It may help to colour code the crayons at the top before starting the main activity. 


Remember to colour your pictures as neatly as possible to present your best work. 




                   L I T E R A C Y


 Today's read is called 'The Pup Is In The Mud' you will find it below. Again encourage your child to read using their Fred Talk if they are not yet reading by sight, and  see how well they understand what they have read with the comprehension questions. Are they able to show you the answers in the text?