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Your child will be coming home with Ditty 4

 Please ensure your child spends at least 5 minutes each day practicing to read their Ditty and completing the short activity at the bottom of each page.


The should also have with them their Word time 2 sheet. We have been working on this this week, so some of the children will be able to read these words without 'Fred Talking' please practice reading and blending with your child at home and even encourage the to have a go at writing these words.  We will be word building next week and giving your child a head start with this will benefit them greatly. 


I have included a step-by-step video below that will help to inform/remind you exactly how your child should be practising their Ditty with you at home. Please do not return these sheets to school in your children's homework folder, they are to be kept at home and practised daily to ensure that your child continues to make good progress and keep up in their daily phonics lessons. 

RWI How To Teach A Ditty At Home

The various aspects of teaching a ditty. Speed sounds, green words, red words, reading the ditty, jump in, question to talk about and hold a sentence.