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Welcome to Reception Class RT

Reception Teachers: Miss Donaldson and Mrs Tite


Reception Teaching Assistants: Mrs Sears and

Mrs Spragg.

Our Topic: Wild and Zoo Animals  
Weekly Learning Attitude: Helpfulness  

This week we are recognising the following children

for their hard work and effort.







If you feel it is necessary to ask a question about any of the set activities please email between 9:00 and 3:30pm and Mrs Tite and Miss Donaldson will attempt to support all queries.


Daily Activities and Helpful Tips!


Daily —

Practise the numbers, sounds, high frequency words and writing both names accurately, paying particular attention to the formation of the letters. This can be on a whiteboard, chalkboard , in their exercise book or on paper.


Helpful Tips -  

  • Read a nightly bedtime story.
  • Have a family movie time.
  • Try to limit time spent on electronics, instead play imaginative games (let your child lead the play), play board games, teach them to cook and clean as well as independence skills such as tidying up after themselves and getting themselves ready for the day.
  • Take time to be active every day, you could join in with Joe Wick every morning from 9.00—9.30am.


Useful websites to help keep your child occupied but still learning (you may need to sign up for some of them) 



Most importantly try not to stress about your child missing out on school, they are young and they will catch up. Enjoy spending time with them and keep them safe during this very uncertain time!


Thank you for your continued support

Early Years Team.

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Understanding the World 


The story follows Seren throughout the year as she tries to make a snowgirl. Finally, winter brings just the right weather. The book shows Seren playing in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter as she experiences sun, wind, rain and snow.


Once you have read this book with your child you can discuss how things are progressing in the world around you this Spring (what signs of this season can they see/can they recall? how is this different from the previous/next season?). It is also a great opportunity for you to explore the meaning of any words your child does not understand or cannot explain in their own words (dew, bloom, swirling etc)


This week we would like you to create a weather diary. Each day find a way to tell us what the weather is like in the: 

  • Morning 
  • Afternoon
  • Evening 

You can report/record the weather however you wish to. We will leave this to you and your own creative minds. 




BOOK OF THE WEEK—‘Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book.’ - Click the link if you don’t have a copy of the book.


Phonics and Reading —Letter formation—practise writing the sounds correctly using the correct formation, write in exercise book or on paper, whiteboard or chalkboard. Go to  Choose ‘A Nap’. Ask your child to read the comic to you sounding the words out (Fred Talking) if necessary.


Writing— Practise the hold a sentence ‘A cat will sleep on a soft bed.’ - repeat the sentence several times to your child. Ask them to repeat it back to you. Then ask them to write it down using a capital letter, finger spaces and full stops. Can they add another sentence about the cat?







If your child can write numbers  0-20 correctly independently and have learnt/recalled their 2's, move on to today's task if not please continue to work on last weeks work with your child. 


 If your child is correctly writing numbers to 20 ask them to write to 20 counting in 2’s as they have been practising over the weekend. Discuss with your child the number pattern, can they continue to problem solve and write the next numbers independently? Can they continue writing in 2's from any even number that you give them? 


Use this fun and engaging dinosaur-themed maths game to encourage children to learn how to identify multiples of a given number.


Within the game, children are able to select which multiples they wish to practise (ranging from multiples of 2 to multiples of 12).

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Here is Alfie's excellent rainbow.