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Today I have set quite a challenge; to draw Cinderella. This might seem really difficult, but if you watch the video it breaks it down into simple easy steps. Pause the video after each step whilst you have a go at drawing. Can't wait to see you wonderful attempts - email me at


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In today's lesson you will read the next part of the story and form an impression of the setting. Can you make a prediction of what is going to happen next?


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Today we are learning to use adjectives to describe nouns.

Join Mr Britton at 11:00 for the lesson and open the document below to see how we can use adjectives to add more detail to sentences.


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LT: Describe Nouns using adjectives




Today we are learning how to add fractions for the first time. Don't worry the maths is easy once you can see what to do, so make sure you watch the video lesson before trying the learning task.


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