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Play our school game below. Can you identify which favourite book belongs to our teachers?

As part of World Book day, today and tomorrow we are going to be reading a book enjoyed by children the world over, The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr.


There will be many different activities for you to complete, including planning for a tea party and making your own sandwiches and cakes!



There are two versions for you to read, one for you to watch and listen to the story and the other for you to read along.

When you have read the story, discuss any new or ‘tricky’ words and their meanings with your child. Remember to add them to your child’s ‘Word Bank’ to revisit.


Party Animal

If you were going to have a party and could invite one animal, which animal would you choose and why?

Can you research about your chosen animal and draw a picture?

Can you write any letter sounds or mark make?


Party Invitation

Click on the link below to write a party invitation to your chosen animal or design your own.

Think about where your party is going to be, the date and time. Can you find out what RSVP means?

Tiger Patterns Pencil Control

Can you trace over the lines to give the Tiger his stripes?

Design a Teapot

A tea party needs a tea pot. Can you create your own design?

Click on the link for a teapot template or draw your own.

Tiger Shaving Foam Craft

Create your own stripy Tiger using shaving cream and food colouring. Click on the link for the instructions and template.