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This week in creative curriculum we are looking at teachers. Have a look at what tasks you need to do for that today. Remember Mrs Tite will be working through some of the topic work in todays 11.30am Zoom lesson.


In maths this week, we are going to be focussing on subtraction.


Remember to use things around you to help take the numbers away, draw a number line to help you, or even see if you can create a 100 square :)


If you are not sure on an answer, especially within challenge 3 and the super challenge, then have a go, but please do not worry if you move on to the next one :)



Tuesdays tasks can be found here


Year 2- if you would like an extra challenge, please go the the year 2 google form here


To help with the super challenge :)

Subtraction counting back


For the next few weeks we are going to being studying Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl. As it is quite a long book we will break it down into smaller parts. This week we will focus on chapter's 10 to 16 (25.28-52.25) to find out what is going to happen to the foxes next. Follow the link to the story on YouTube. If you are choosing for your child to write the answers on paper then please email a photo to us so we can see their work and keep our systems up to date.


Click here for today's video lesson and then here to complete the Google form.



For today's work about The Hare and the Tortoise click here.



The children have been split into three groups according what they were working on before Christmas. You should have received a message to say which group your child is in. Follow the activity for your child's group.


First watch the following video to learn or recap todays sound.

Group A – ee - click here. Now click this link to BBC Bitesize.

Group B - ai - click here. Now click this link to BBC Bitesize.

Group C - click here.


Now you can all have a go at this game.


Group A and B - Complete the following in relation to the above sound (the image has an example using the letter a):

  • Practise writing the sound several times, make sure it’s neat and your letters sit on the line. Try to make sure ascenders are tall and descenders are under the line.
  • Think of at least 5 words that contain the sound.
  • Write at least 3 sentences using some of those words. Remember capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and to sit your letters on the line.

Use a whiteboard or a piece of paper (please draw your child straight lines if there aren’t any). Send photos to the relevant email address.