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We shall be celebrating World Book Day on Thursday and will be learning about stories all week.


Reading and Writing

Letters and Sounds/Phonics


We will be continuing learning our new letter sound ‘a’.

Practise writing the letter sound 'a' by mark making in sugar (Or similar), forming the letter by using objects such as Cheerios, then using chalks or a pencil to write.

Next, click on the links to print, write your own on paper or point them out to your grown up.


Look at the letters. Can you circle the ‘a’ sounds?

Keep practising saying and writing the letter sounds with your child when they are ready. Some children have started practising them in Nursery - m, a, s, d, t, p, o, w, c, f

Scroll down to the Pure Letter Sounds on the class page to hear the correct pronunciation.

Scroll down to the links on the class page for lower and upper case letter formations. 


All children can practise writing their name using their name card. 

Start on the 'red dot' encouraging your child to say the letter sound as they write over the letter. Ask your child to copy the letter underneath, in the space provided on their name card, encourage them to use the correct letter formation. Focus on your child writing their first name before moving on to their surname. 


Scroll down the class page for more support regarding writing and mark making. 



We are going to continue learning about number 3.

Sing the Nursery Rhyme Three Blind Mice with your child.

Watch Numberblocks 3 below:-

Triangles are shapes that have 3 straight sides. Can you cut some triangle shapes out of paper? What pictures can you make using the shapes? Can you make a fish picture using 3 triangles? Use a big triangle for the body, a smaller triangle for the tail and an even smaller triangle for the fin.


Can you design a Princess dress or a cape for a Superhero to wear?

Click on the templates below or draw your own on paper.