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Ewan's Choco Chunk Experience!

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How to Make Choco Chunks


This could be a great half term task or even one to do this week.


Ask your parents if they can add one or two items to the shopping list for half term if you don't have some of these items.


Let's make the chocolate we are advertising!


You Will Need

> 200g chocolate of your choice (or more if wanted!)

> Fillings such as marshmallows

> Ice cube tray

> Saucepan and Heatproof bowl (or a microwave to melt choc)

> A Wooden Spoon

> Optional: Lollypop Sticks

You came up with these chocolate designs... Watch the videos, guess the name from the list below!

From our Reading Lessons in Spring 1

Izaak has made a video about Roald Dahl, the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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Ethan impressing us all with his Joe Wicks Workouts! Why not give it a go?

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