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Archived: Y3H Bubble Home Learning!

Thursday 26th Learning (Our Last Virtual Day!)


Remember to bring in any learning completed (if you have any) for merits, merits, merits!!


English Spelling:





Here's who beat Mrs Halliwell in the Kahoot Quiz!

Tuesday Learning



English Lesson 1:




English Lesson 2: READING AND QUIZ! See below.


Before you play the quiz

Step 1: Read this story with the man on youtube. If you do not, you will not know most of the answers!

Step 2: Visit

Step 3: You will need a PIN. This is 02256972

Step 4: Type in a name I might recognise (like your first name) so I can see who is winning!

Step 5: Play the game and get a high score! Mrs Halliwell has already tried it and did very badly. It made me chuckle like Stoick the Vast!


Any trouble with the learning links for English Lesson 1 and RE, press this link and click on FRIDAY.

Note From School 23.11.20


Please check your school app for a letter from Mr Bagley stating that Public Health have changed the return date for our class due to an error on their part.


Children will no longer return Wednesday and instead children will return on Friday.


After speaking with most of you (and your parents) on Friday, I appreciate this is going to cause frustration.


I will continue to provide learning on this platform.


Talk soon,


Mr Halliwell


P.S Don't forget to email me at about what you have been doing and how you've been getting on with work! I will definitely reply.

Monday 23rd Learning


English For Monday CLICK HERE


Maths for Monday CLICK HERE


RE for Monday CLICK HERE



Friday Learning


To find English, Maths and Music for today, please click on this link below.



1) Even though it is Friday, click on Wednesday's lesson choices. 


2) It should look like this:

Click Here for Today's Learning!

Thursday Learning:



To find English, Maths and Science for today, please click on this link below.



1) Even though it is Thursday, click on Tuesday's lesson choices.


2) It should look like this: 


Click on the above image to be linked to the work!

Wednesday Learning:


To find English, Maths and Geography and History lessons for today, please click on this link below.



1) Even though it is Wednesday, click on Monday's lesson choices.


2) It should look like this: 


Click Here For Today's Lessons!




Hello From Home...


I am sorry we cannot be together in our classroom. You’re probably asking, “Sir, what are we going to do next?” Well let me answer some of your questions. smiley


When will we all be back in class? cool
Wednesday 25th November (see the school app for letter sent about this).


What work will we be completing?enlightened
We are going to follow a schedule of work which is interactive and online called ‘The Oak National Academy’. I will link you the day’s work on this page every day.


What is that then?yes
It was made by the UK government to support home learning during the first lockdown. It is a quality made resource and teaching is from fully trained teachers. (Parents – I believe it takes some pressure of you because a teacher is explaining within the video).


I want more work Mr Halliwell!

You also have Rockstar Logins CLICK HERE (to improve your timestables) and you have a Prodigy Game Login CLICK HERE (a Pokemon style game where you can complete challenges involving addition, subtraction and other outer math tasks). 


How should I structure my day?

Here's an example timetable. This must work for you as a family so this is an idea for those of you unsure on how to structure your day. You can change the order, the timings... make it work!












Science/ Geog/ Hist/ Music / RE


Rockstars or Prodigy  (10 mins)


Do I need to have my work marked by an adult?angel
Well, not necessarily! The fantastic thing about using the interactive learning set here, is that you get to complete quizzes and worksheets like I would be setting you in the classroom. Again this aims to take a bit of pressure of your adults… however I will be catching up with your parents and carers because I want to know how well you are doing.


How long will it take?laugh
A normal school day is 6 ½ hours… But this work will take around 2 hours (add in breaks too of course).


What do I need?cheeky
Most lessons will tell you exactly what you need once you press play on the first video. This will usually be pen and paper.


Err, Sir, why are we completing work called ‘Monday’ on a Wednesday?heart
The website has a schedule for every week (5 days long). It just so happens that we also need 5/6 days of work for you! But I do not want to start halfway through a week as we will get very confused trying to learn about something that was done the day before (which we did not even look at).

Don’t be alarmed! I will lay it out every single day right here to avoid all confusion!


Mr Halliwell, can I ask you a question?smiley
Yes you can! is my email address. I will be looking at this at through the day to reply to your questions or if you simply want to tell me what’s going on in your day. (Parents, don’t be afraid to let your child write the email! What a great opportunity to practise their writing for a purpose).