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Welcome to the Children's University page :) 

Here, I will keep you up to date with holiday tasks and different activities that you can do at home, that can earn you hours, to put towards getting your certificates at graduation.


To contact me, please email me on


Hopefully we will be back to some sort of normality soon, and we can build our hours even more.


Keep up the good work :)


Miss Harris


PASSWORDS - please contact me in regards to your childs CU online password. This gives you access to their online passports, and allows you to add the hours that the children have been doing.


To log into Children's University, please follow this link, and log in as a child :)

Please follow University of Wolverhampton Children's University on Facebook and Instagram. They are always putting up activities that your children can get involved in and build hours :)


Lets get those certificates at graduation!!

Go to the zoo this Friday and earn some hours with picture evidence :)

After homeschool club :)

Winter tasks

Rainbow challenges


These are a series of tasks that you can do that can build up your hours without leaving the house. Have a look at the tasks and let me know how you are getting on with filling up your hours tracker. This can all be added, and hopefully get a few of you through graduation :)



Please find below some of the stamps that have been validated already. If you aren't sure about the stamps, please email, or send your activity through your online dashboard.


PE with Joe Wicks - orange4985

Award steps and what you can achieve