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Welcome to Reception Class RD!


Reception Teacher: Miss Donaldson

Reception Teaching Assistants: Mrs Spragg and Mrs Goodwin 

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Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds (British English)

Listen to the 42 letter sounds of Jolly Phonics, spoken in British English. Each letter sound is clearly spoken twice, before an example word is given. Perfe...

Literacy: Your child will be practicing letter formations during registration when they are practising their name, 'Busy Time', Phonics lessons and 'Rainbow Time' if that is one of their targets. You can help your child greatly by developing their gross and fine motor skills. Handwriting is an important skill for success throughout schooling.  It is, however, a very complex skill.  In this article Kim Griffin has explored five essential components for handwriting and why motor skills are essential to support pencil grasp and handwriting.  Please take a few minutes to read the following link it is very informative and will help you to help your child flourish.


Maths: Over the next few weeks we are going to be immersed in lots of number focusing on number recognition and counting/counting out amounts accurately. Sing lots of number songs with your child, play number games, look for numbers in your everyday environment and don't forget to use the numbers in your child's home pack to consolidate their learning. 


Can they:

  • Recognise 
  • Order
  • Match number to quantity 
  • Tell you which number comes before/after a number you give them?