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Safeguarding (support for our families within the community)

No Excuse For Abuse 25/11/20

We know that home is not the safest place for everyone right now. If you feel frightened by the person you live with, we want you to know help is available.
Recently we’ve seen that the lockdown has put pressure on new couples, who have moved in together at an early stage in their relationship to avoid separation. Without having enough time to get to know their new partner and spot any warning signs, some of them now feel trapped. This can feel worse if there isn’t the usual support from family and friends nearby.
If you need help and support, here are several charity organisations across Walsall, which can offer that.
If you need to leave your house to escape an abusive situation, no matter what level of lockdown, you are allowed to do so. If you need to go somewhere, local refuges are open and are taking people in.
We know women, men and members of our LGBTQ+ communities can all suffer domestic abuse. The National Domestic Abuse Helpline is there to support everyone – you can call them on 0808 2000 247.
Of course we are always here to help. If you are worried about your own safety or the safety of a member of your family, a friend or neighbour, get in touch with us.
If someone is in immediate danger and their life is threatened, call 999 and we will get officers to them as soon as possible.
If it isn’t safe to talk out loud, you can make a silent 999 call by typing 55 after the call is answered.
Alternatively you can avoid talking on the phone by using Live Chat.  We have specially trained officers who can provide support and practical assistance and help keep you safe - even in periods of isolation.
Below are some of the charities and organisations that provide help and support to people in Walsall. For a full list visit: No Excuse for Abuse
Black Country Women’s Aid
24 hour helpline:  0121 552 6448
Text or WhatsApp between 9am-9pm weekdays
07384 466 181
Walsall Council Housing
01922 652250
Adult Social Care
0300 555 2922
Children’s Social Care
0300 555 2866
We also know that children often suffer in households where there is domestic abuse. If you are concerned about a child, you can get advice, Live Chat our staff and report abuse to us using this link -
Alternatively you can talk to the NSPCC 

Cyber Crime Sentinel Newsletter - Issue 27 23/11/20

Attempted Burglary 17/11/20

An attempted burglary occurred in Lichfield Road, Shelfield - On 16th November 2020 between 2.20am and 2.40am. In this incident unknown offenders have damaged the back door handle in an attempt to enter the property. Fortunately no access was gained and the offenders made good their escape.
If you saw anything please contact 101.

Please check your property is secure.

Remember the shorter days have arrived so please set a timer to turn lights on if you are not back home until after dark. A property in darkness is always an attraction to burglars.

More crime prevention advice can be found by visiting



Alert Parcel Thieves Targetting Delivery Vehicles 16/11/20

We’re urging couriers to lock their vans and cars after a driver suffered a broken finger and a sprained ankle as she tried to stop a thief who jumped in her delivery van in Sheldon, Birmingham recently (Thu 5 Nov).
The 30-year-old woman tried to open the door, but was hit by the van as it sped off, throwing her to the floor.
And in Woodcross, Wolverhampton, on Friday 6th Nov, another driver suffered cuts and bruises after he grabbed the door handle on the passenger side of his car to prevent it being stolen and was dragged along before having to let go.
With Christmas just over a month away it’s a particularly busy time for couriers who work around the clock to get parcels delivered, particularly this year during the Covid lockdown as more people shop online.

Unfortunately parcel thieves target delivery vehicles for valuable items, and have been known to loot parcels, and steal vans and cars.

This month in Walsall and Wolverhampton alone we’ve received reports of 10 delivery vehicle thefts in just 10 days, so today we’re reminding delivery drivers not to leave engines running and to remove keys and secure vehicles every single time they’re left unattended. This applies to courier company employees and also self-employed couriers.

And, if you are unfortunate enough to be targeted, don’t tackle the offenders, please consider your own safety first – don’t be a hero!
We are working with delivery companies to share crime prevention and safety messages so that we can all receive the parcels we have ordered.

Any suspicious behaviour can be reported via Live Chat at between 8am and midnight or by calling 101 anytime.

In an emergency always dial 999. To remain anonymous please contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Walsall Police   

Supporting You and Your Community Through Covid-19 12/11/20

We recognise that this is a challenging period for us all and even more so for vulnerable people. As Neighbourhood Watch we believe it is very important that we all take care and protect ourselves as a priority and where possible we safely carry on the great work of supporting and staying connected with our communities.

In England, between 5th November - 2nd December, national restrictions mean that:  
  • You should only leave home for food, medical reasons, exercise, education, or work 
  • You must work from home if you can 
  • You should avoid travel unless essential 
  • Schools and essential shops will remain open 
There are a variety of ways however in which we can support our loved ones and communities through these restrictions.

Keeping your loved ones safe
The most valuable thing we can all do is keep ourselves and our loved safe - physically and emotionally. 
Supporting your community
There are a variety of ways in which you can support your community depending on your individual situation. A few ideas are: The NHS Volunteer Responders programme, set up by NHS England, is here to help people in England to stay safe during coronavirus. NHS Volunteer Responders have now completed more than a million tasks! Following an initial recruitment campaign for new volunteers in 70 local authority areas, they have now opened up recruitment across England. This is in response to the lockdown that began on 5 November and because demand for the volunteers’ support is continuing to rise. It will also help to meet NHS requests for additional direct support during this winter. At the same time, they are encouraging anyone who signed up as an NHS Volunteer Responder in March but had to step down due to other commitments, to re-join the programme and give as much time as they can.

As the programme evolves it will focus on direct support to the NHS with tasks such as the delivery of equipment to monitor vulnerable COVID-19 patients in their homes, and with stewarding people at vaccination clinics. They will also continue to support vulnerable people by delivering food and medication, and through Check In and Chat phone calls. They are not intending to replace any local volunteering activity. They aim to work collaboratively with volunteering leads in local areas.

If you are interested in joining as a volunteer you can attend an online meetings by clicking the link below at the specified time:
Thursday 19th November, 11.30-12.30 Join Microsoft Teams Meeting
Thursday 3rd December, 11.30-12.30 Join Microsoft Teams Meeting
Thursday 17th December, 11.30-12.30 Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Beware of scams and crimes
Criminals are using the COVID-19 pandemic to scam the public. To help you avoid becoming a victim, we have highlighted on our website the wide variety of COVID-19 scams and crimes which have arisen, key protection advice and guidance on how to report these scams.

Community response stories
For further inspiration on ways in which you can support your community, have a look at our Community Response Stories. If you have a story you would like to share, please submit it using this form.

Domestic abuse survivors
Are you or someone you know is a domestic abuse survivor, the information below may be very useful.
Keep safe,


Operation Sceptre A Week of Action Against

Knives 10/11/20

This week we are running a knife crime activity week in Walsall and across

the force area as part of Operation Sceptre - a national week of action.

Clearly with Covid restrictions in place we can’t involve the community in our work as much as we would like to. However it means you might see our officers doing these things:

Weapon sweeps where we will be looking for knives hidden in public places

Test purchasing – where we will be checking that retailers are being

responsible and only selling knives to people of the correct age

  • Officers using knife arches and knife wands to search for weapons
  • More officers at transport hubs including bus stations

We would normally be talking to children in school about knives and the

dangers of knife carrying but we cannot do this at the moment.

However, if you want to take this week as an opportunity to talk to your

child about knife crime we have help and advice on how to have that chat,

including what to say on our website.

Walsall Police

Protect Your Passw0rd National Campaign Launched By Neighbourhood Watch 10/11/20

Neighbourhood Watch launches PROTECT YOUR Pa$$W0rD campaign with 3 quick and easy steps

As we spend more time at home and on our online devices, over one third (34%) of people say that they’re more concerned about cybercrime than physical crime and a startling 1 in 5 people are a victim of cybercrime!* You could be more at risk than you might think.

If strengthening your passwords is something you keep putting off, or you feel overwhelmed by the sea of online security information, you’re not alone.

As part of our Cyberhood Watch initiative, launched in 2019 in partnership with Avast, we have launched a PROTECT YOUR Pa$$W0Rd campaign that targets both the overwhelmed and complacent, providing everyone with 3 easy steps to be more secure online.

PROTECT YOUR Pa$$W0Rd in 3 easy steps
  1. Create a separate password for your email account
  2. Use 3 random words
  3. Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA)
To find out more about how to do each step visit our Password Protection page on our website .

But we won’t stop there!  Whilst taking those 3 easy steps will go a long way to protecting yourself online, we want to protect not just you but your whole community! To do this, we are asking you to spread the word and help protect your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours by sharing these 3 easy steps with 3 others.

To share with others you can forward this email to at least 3 of your friends, share the information from our Password Protection page in your local newsletter, or share our campaign on your social media channels using our Protect your Pa$$W0Rd Campaign Pack,

More about the campaign
Our campaign will run on social media for 4 weeks from 9th November 2020. We are targeting both Neighbourhood Watch members and non-members alike with two different attitudes to online security.

For those that are unsure and overwhelmed by an abundance of advice, we want to cut though the noise and simplify the confusion, so they feel empowered to take action.

And for those that think ‘it won’t happen to me’ we want to shock them into action, so that they realise how prevalent the problem is, even amongst young people.

We have created social media animated and still graphics targeted to both those audiences, supported by further information detailing how and why to take each step on our dedicated Password Protection page.

Download our Protect your Pa$$W0Rd Campaign Pack to share the campaign across your networks using email, whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and in newsletters.

Why not go one step further and share our Protect your Pa$$W0Rd Press Release locally and don’t forget to let us know about any local press you are able to generate.

Visit our Protect your PA$$word campaign page to find out more.

*Perceptions of cybercrime in the UK report produced in partnership with Avast, surveyed over 14,000 Neighbourhood Watch members:

For more information contact Deborah Waller on

Kind regards


Brownhills - Vehicle Crime 9/11/20

Between Friday 6th November and Sunday 8th November two theft of motor vehicle's and one attempted theft has taken place in the Brownhills Area. On Silver Street and High Street.
These were all taken place after 16:30 which is where the dark nights come into play!

Please be careful when out and about in your vehicle or if you are parking to make sure it is a well lit area, and to not leave any belongings inside your vehicle.

For crime prevention advice please click onto the following link ["<a]" target="_blank">

- Lock doors once inside your vehicle to keep yourself safe.
- Do not leave belongings inside vehicle unless necessary, if so keep them hidden!
- Be aware of your surroundings when leaving or going to your vehicle.
- With darker nights, park in a well lit area.
- Perhaps invest in extra security for vehicle such as 'Steering wheel Locks'

Keep Safe! Brownhills Neighbourhood Team.

Warning Cruel Thieves Targeting Elderly Black Country Residents

Good evening,

We’ve issued a warning to residents in the Black Country following a spate of distraction burglaries by a gang targeting elderly people.

There have been at least 15 offences committed since mid-October by cruel crooks posing as police officers, “water board” engineers and gardeners to trick their way into pensioner’s homes. Once inside they are distracting victims while accomplices search rooms for cash, jewellery and other valuables.

During one offence on the afternoon of 22 October in Greenwood Road, Walsall, they gained access to a back garden by claiming to be carrying out water pipe maintenance. 
The residents returned from a shopping trip to find their patio window smashed and a safe stolen containing cash and personal documents.  

Please click here to read our full story: and to see how you can help with our investigation.

Click this link for information on preventing this happening to you or someone you know

Walsall Police

Healthy Spaces Team Half Term Activity

Healthy Spaces Team October Half Term offer this year is based around a pumpkin carving activities, tennis activities sessions, and a Halloween theme to one of our trails on our Love Exploring app. Due to the pandemic all sessions have been agreed within medical guidance and with social distancing a priority.

Craft task –Pumpkin Carving

We have four Pumpkin carving activities running across the borough this half term.


Monday 26th October: King George Vth Playing Fields, Bloxwich (by the play area) - 2pm till 4pm

Tuesday 27th October: Willenhall Memorial Park (in the bandstand) - 10am till 12pm

Thursday 29th October: Holland Park, Brownhills (by the play area) - 10am till 12pm.

Friday 30th October: Walsall Arboretum - 10am till 12pm


Booking is essential as places are limited. Please book by calling 01922 650465, or emailing to book your place or enquire about further information.


If you are unable to make these sessions please take a look at this video so you can safely have a go at home with your parent or guardian.


Play - Tennis

We have four tennis activity sessions planned across the borough for the week. Book early as places are limited for this programme of tennis games and challenges.


Monday 26th October: Willenhall Memorial Park 1-3pm

Tuesday 27th October: Leamore Park 1-3pm

Thursday 29th October: Palfrey Park 1-3pm

Friday 30th October: Blackwood Park 1-3pm


Booking is essential as places are limited. Please book by calling 01922 650465, or emailing to book your place or enquire about further information.


Explore – Halloween trails within Love exploring app.


The Love Exploring App puts the power of discovery in your hands this summer by providing a range of active family games and guided tours that are fun to do and free to use. Available for Willenhall Memorial Park and Walsall Arboretum. Explore our parks this half term with our Halloween themed characters. How many do you dare to find!

Virtual Parenting offer November and December 2020

Walsall Community Dialogue Project - Open Dialogues Recruitment


Are you a resident living in Walsall and interested in meeting new people from across the borough? This may be just the project for you: The Walsall For All Community Dialogue Project. Across three online dialogue sessions, facilitated by us, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Share your experiences and stories with others
  • Talk about the things that are important to you about living in Walsall
  • Meet people from different backgrounds


If you are interested in getting involved as a participant or you would like a group that you are currently involved with to be part of the project, please register your interest by signing-up here and we will be in touch.


If you are having trouble accessing the form, or want to learn more, please get in contact with Daisy: or Jaishree:


Get Involved In Your Community 10/9/20 Do you live in the Brownhills, Pelsall or Rushall-Shelfield area of Walsall? Would you like to get involved in a community initiative aimed at making your area a safer place to live and work? Have you heard about Streetwatch? Streetwatch is a community led initiative where groups of local residents meet up and walk around their community. Just being a visible presence in your community will help deter and prevent crime and anti-social behaviour. Whilst you are doing this you will meet new friends and maybe speak to neighbours who you have never spoken to before. Streetwatch is all about building a sense of community spirit. In addition to deterring criminal activity, groups are also actively improving their areas in other ways. When volunteers go out on a Streetwatch walk they will often look out for other issues or concerns in their area. Environmental issues such as poor or broken street lighting, fly-tipping, damaged or broken street furniture and more, are all reported to the relevant agencies. Streetwatch groups are already established across Walsall and are actively improving the areas they operate, however, we are looking for residents who live in the Brownhills, Pelsall and Rushall-Shelfield areas to get involved. Although you will be trained and supported by your local policing team, who will also join you on some of your walks, Streetwatch is very much organised and led by you, the community. Please see the poster below for further details including how you can get in touch with us, alternatively you can reply to this wmnow message.


Multi Factor Authentication  7/9/20

Good Morning, We hope you had a great weekend.

Please see the below for advice around Two Factor Authentication (2FA) / Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). A great tool to use to protect your accounts.

However good your passwords are, they can only provide so much protection. They could be stolen from your service provider or from your phone, tablet or laptop. Or you could get tricked into revealing them. This is why we want more people to use 2FA, both at work and at home.

Accounts that have been set up to use 2FA will require an extra check, so even if a criminal knows your password, they won't be able to access your accounts. This is reassuring if you suspect some of your passwords aren't as strong as they could be, or you've re-used them across different accounts, or you worry that (like anyone) you may one day fall for a scam email that reveals your password to a criminal.

When setting up 2FA, the service will ask you to provide a 'second factor', which is something that you (and only you) can access. This could be a code that's sent to you by text message, or that's created by an app. Some types of 2FA provide more protection than others (because the second factor is more difficult to steal), but since any 2FA is better than none, you should use 2FA wherever you can. It only takes a few minutes to set up for each account, and it's well worth it for the amount of additional protection it gives you.

Check out our youtube video here around How to set up 2FA / MFA  - WM RCCU 2FA/MFA Video

Or listen to our latest Cyber Threat Weekly Podcast to hear more about Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)