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Year 6


This term we are learning about: 



Each week, we are completing work from different areas of maths. Tuesday focuses on number place value; we learn about negative numbers, Roman numerals and decimals as well as fractions and geometry. We practise our CLICs and SAFEs which focus on different calculation methods and our knowledge of all mathematical areas on a Wednesday. Thursdays focus on calculation methods, we are revising prime numbers, square numbers and cube numbers, moving onto column methods, division methods including long division and how we can use times table facts to chunk. Then on Thursday afternoon, we complete measurement work where we have recently been looking at angles, their types and knowledge we need to know about them in order to compare and order them. In this area, we also look at shapes, translation and co-ordinates. We will also be using our challenge system to apply our knowledge and understanding to SATS problems. 



Skimming and scanning techniques to find the information quickly. How to infer meaning from the text that is not obvious and how to word answers to questions more effectively to get more marks. We are analysing chapters from There's a boy in the girls bathroom by Louis Sachar to help us to answer questions from different reading skills.  



We are looking at using a range of writing codes independently. We are revisiting different punctuation marks, what we know about writing and how we can form the best sentences initially. This will be using our knowledge of all punctuation marks as well as using spellings from the Y5/6 spelling list where appropriate. We are also covering different genres of writing and aim to expand our vocabulary range using different texts.



Our topic this half term is about living things and their habitats. This includes looking at conditions for life, grouping organisms, classifying plants and animals, microorganisms and the work of Carl Linnaeus. 


Geography and History 

We are looking at teaching the foundation subjects in isolation this year, to focus more on the skills involved in each curriculum strand. Our geography is looking at Belfast, taking us on a tour of the UK. We will look at this city, its topographical features and explore why it is a good trading port. We will also see how it links to the Titanic. Watch this space! 



Spelling tests take place each week on a Friday. 

Here are some ways that you can practise them.

6T Fab 5 and Pupil of the week 

 WeekFAB5LearningAttitudes Pupil of the week


Fab 5 and Pupil of the Week 

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National Curriculum Spelling Lists

New vocab - some interesting words that you may like

Art - using the drawing with Rob videos