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Year 6


Revision timetable. Here is an example of when to practise your revision. This is just advisory, but we encourage the children to do some revision each day if they can.




Y6 SATS Preparation websites

You can access all the previous SATs papers by clicking on the link below and scrolling down to Reading, GAPs or Maths papers.



Oak National Academy have produced some quizzes and lessons to help you with SATs preparation.

Click on the link below and select the areas of learning you would like to practise.


BBC Education have produced a whole host of materials for KS2.  Follow the KS2 link and then select either Maths or English.   Each area usually has an information section for reading, plus an activity and then quiz which is marked online.  Some aspects require a subscription.


A site with both Maths and English based quizzes which are marked as you go along.


A site with a range of information and questions – great for revision purposes!


A revision site based upon the old Key Stage 2 Tests but still contains lots of useful information for both Maths and English.


A site with links to  old style Key Stage 2 Maths Papers, Maths Tutorials as well as Maths Games.  Some of these games are linked to Memory and would therefore help pupils to retain key information.


A site with links to Maths and English revision materials, including worksheets to look at online or to print off and practise with.


These are “old style” Key Stage 2 test papers but are still useful for practise, and in particular, creating discussion around questions and strategies to answer.  View on screen or print off for free.  Best used


Click on “For Kids” to access some fun games to practise speed of recall of times tables.

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Year 6 timetables

This term we are learning about: 



Each week, we are completing some work from different areas of maths. We practise our CLICs and SAFEs which focus on different calculation methods and our knowledge of all mathematical areas on a Monday. Tuesday focuses on number place value; we will need to know about numbers to ten million. Wednesdays focus on calculation methods, we are revising column methods currently, moving onto division methods including long division. Thursdays are for fractions and geometry. We are looking at how to multiply and divide fractions. Then Fridays are for measurement where we are looking at how to convert between different units of measurement and apply this understanding to different problems with different contexts. This also gives us chance to look at area, perimeter, volume and co-ordinates including translation. 



Skimming and scanning techniques to find the information quickly. How to infer meaning from the text that is not obvious and how to word answers to questions more effectively to get more marks. We are analysing chapters from There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom by Louis Sachar to help us to answer questions from different reading skills.  



We are looking at using a range of writing codes independently. We are revisiting relative clauses and how to add extra information to sentences using parenthesis. We are covering different genres of writing and aim to expand our vocabulary range using different texts related to our topic of The Greeks. 



Our topic this half term is materials and their properties. This includes looking at the solubility of different materials, filtration, evaporation and dissolving. We are using our knowledge of solids, liquids and gases. 


Creative Curriculum 

Our topic this term is The Groovy Greeks. We look at all aspects of this ancient civilisation, from daily life, wars, Gods and Greek mythology. We look forward to learning as much as we can about the Greeks and their lifestyle, their history and their legacy. 

Greeks knowledge organiser



Spelling tests take place each week on a Thursday. 

Here are some ways that you can practise them.

Spellings Y6


Fab 5 and Pupil of the Week 

 WeekFAB5LearningAttitudes Pupil of the week
  Good SpeakingPrideResilienceConfidencePrecision 


Fab 5 and Pupil of the Week 

 WeekFAB5LearningAttitudes Pupil of the week
  Good speaking PrideResilienceConfidencePrecision 
29.4.22 BrandonTommieElizaLoisMaisie-LiMaisie-Li
6.5.22 EmilyLouisSummerKyzaJacob RJacob R
13.5.22 KellyMikeyOliviaDarceyBilly 
 WeekFAB5LearningAttitudes Pupil of the week
  Good speaking TidinessEnthusiasm CreativityConfidence 
4.03.2022 RyleeSummerBillyBrandonMasonRylee
11.03.2022 EmilyKellyMaisieDarceyEvieKelly
18.03.2022 LoisMaisie-LiHarleyTommieMaxHarley
25.03.2022 BrandonArchieEmilyDarceyLouisLouis
1.04.22 MaisieKellyBillyMasonElizaEliza
8.04.22 ArchieMikeySummerLouisDarceyLouis
 WeekFAB5LearningAttitudes Pupil of the week
  Consistent ResilienceChallenge ConscientiousPrecision 
7.01.2022 SummerHarleyDarceyTommieKelly Tommie
14.01.2022 MikeyJacob RBillyLouisEmilyMikey
21.01.2022 Emily LoisMaisie Brandon Max Lois
28.01.2022 KyzaOliviaElizaMasonEvie Mason
4.02.2022 LouisArchieHarleyMaisie LLois 
11.02.2022 MikeyBillyJacob FSummerDarcey 
 WeekFAB5LearningAttitudes Pupil of the week
  Like a spongeUndistractedInnovativeResponsivePrecision 
4.11.2021 MasonEvieBillyLoisDarceyEvie
12.11.2021 MikeyArchieKyzaHarleyTommieArchie
19.11.2021 Jacob FEvie LoisElizaDarceyEliza
26.11.21 Jacob REmilySummerKyzaMason Mason
3.12.21 TommieMaisieBrandonJacob FBillyJacob F
10.12.21 KyzaMasonDarceyArchieLouisLouis 
 WeekFAB5LearningAttitudes Pupil of the week
  PresentationGetting alongBeing readyThinkingPrecision 
10.9.21Eliza MaisieEmilyLouisMaxLouis
17.9.21Darcey MasonLoisBrandonBillyBilly
1.10.21Tommie Jacob FEvieMaxBrandonBrandon
8.10.21Summer MikeyMaisie-LiHarleyKellyHarley
15.10.21Jacob F MaisieEmilyBrandonTommie 


6T - our Anti-Bullying word art 2021

Year 6 Admissions information 

National Curriculum Spelling Lists

New vocab - some interesting words that you may like

Find the mining show from the trip on the videos sections below in the Year 5 folder. 

Art - using the drawing with Rob videos

Greek Food Tasting (Friday 7th January) Please let your child's class teacher know of any allergies. Thank you.

Sports Day collages