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Welcome to Nursery

Welcome to new school children and parents


Click on the link below to download our Nursery Admission forms. Please email completed forms or any questions you may have to

Our Creative Curriculum topics in Nursery.

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Marvellous Me!


Winter Wonderland

Snow and Ice


Spring is in the Air


Pet Parade

Buckets and Spades






Miss Jackson-Lea - Nursery Teacher     Mrs Evans - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Snoddy - Teaching Assistant         



Hello everyone!


We would like to wish you all a happy Easter and thank you for your continued support with your child's learning.  

Please continue undertaking activities listed below at home with your child to prepare them for our class learning and in order to bridge any gaps that may have occurred in your child's learning.  


Miss Jackson-Lea, Mrs Evans and Mrs Snoddy.


Should you have any questions, please contact Miss Jackson-Lea at

Easter Learning

Please support your child to write their first name. Use their name card and a felt pen to copy over the letters, starting on the red dot. Encourage your child to use the correct letter formation to write. Then ask your child to write the letters underneath their name in the space provided.


When your child can write their first name independently, turn over their name card to practise their surname.   

RWI Pure Sounds

Reading with your child


1000 Stories

Our 1000 Stories initiative will continue with you all choosing a book to read daily from home, still using the same format but you can choose your own books! Remember to write down a 'new' or 'tricky' word from each book to add to your word bank and keep re-visiting. Just think how many new words you are learning!

Oxford Owl e-books

Click on the link below for the Oxford Owl website. Log in at the top of the page using the ‘My Class Log in’  password: pvsnursery     username:  Nursery

Choose 'my bookshelf' to view e-books.


How to pronounce the letter sounds. Click on the link below:-

Learn the letter sounds of the alphabet

Watch Alphablocks A to Z to help pronounce the letter sounds, click on the below link:-

Mark Making and Writing

Practise name writing, using your child’s name card, starting each letter ‘On the red dot’. Use the letter formation sheet for guidance or click on the links below. Focus on your child writing their first name using the correct letter formation then their full name which is on the reverse of the card. You can also use paper and a pencil, a whiteboard or chalk board.

Below are links to help you with upper and lower case letter formation:-

Can your child mark make/write?

Use a baking tray/large plate etc.  Put on some sugar/salt/flour/shaving foam/sand or similar. Please supervise your child, especially if the substance is not edible.

Look at the three pictures below:-

Give your child the opportunity to mark make. 
Draw lines and zig zags from left to right for your child to copy. 
Practise letter formation and name writing. 


Practise counting out loud.

Pat your head and say “1, 1, 1”

Then, pat your shoulders, saying “2, 2, 2”

Next, pat your stomach, saying “3, 3, 3”

Knees “4, 4, 4”

Finally, toes “5, 5, 5”


Keep practising the above body percussion counting. When you are ready to move on, practise counting aloud to 10. 


We practise counting how many children are in our class daily so the children count over 20 regularly. Encourage your child to count as high as they can.


Use the number formation sheet in the pack or use paper, a white board or chalk board and follow the link below to practise number formation 1 to 10.

Independent Challenge

Please encourage your child to complete these challenges independently:-


To stand momentarily on one leg.


To eat using a knife, fork and spoon.


To tidy up their things. 


To use a tissue to blow their nose and dispose in a waste bin.


To attempt to get dressed without assistance.


To put their arms in jackets and cardigans.


To zip up their coat after assistance fastening at the bottom.


To wash and dry their hands.


To use the toilet during the day.


To drink from a small cup with a handle without spilling

When achieved,

To drink from a suitable small plastic cup (no handle) without spilling.

Cosmic Yoga Kids

A mix of Yoga, stories and mindfulness.

Wash your hands Children's Song - A fun song to help children understand when to wash their hands:-

Wow! Our children's work is amazing. We are so extremely proud of

you all! We would like to thank you and your parents for working so very hard. Keep up the great work!

Parent Booklet

The University of Chichester has produced the below booklet to support parents in providing fun and engaging home learning opportunities. Also included are top parenting tips, managing anxiety and helping children to develop positive personal hygiene routines that help to protect from viruses.


Below is a useful home activity booklet and reading links for parents:-