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Miss Jackson-Lea - Nursery Teacher

Mrs Evans - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Snoddy - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Goodwin - Teaching Assistant



Good morning everyone 

We are very sad that we don't get to see your smiling faces today but hopefully we can still

continue to learn together and keep in touch. Below you will find a variety of activities and


If you feel it is necessary to ask a question about any of the activities please email between 9:00am and 3:30pm and Miss Jackson-Lea will attempt

to support all queries.


It would be great to see some pictures of you all and your activities. Please send them to

the email address above.




Our 1000 Stories initiative will continue with you all choosing a book to read daily from home,

still using the same format but you can choose your own books! Remember to write down a

'new' or 'tricky' word from each book to add to your word bank and keep re-visiting. Just

think how many new words you are going to learn!


Our book of the week is The Gingerbread Man

Read the book daily and/or

Watch the story on You Tube 

and/or verbally tell the story. Use intonation of your voice and props (If you can)

for interest.

Encourage your child to join in with the refrains in the story eg. "I've ran away

from a little old woman and I’ve ran away from a little old man…”

and  "Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man!"

Discuss any new or ‘tricky’ words and their meanings with your child. Write these

words on your child’s word bank list.

Discuss the characters, setting and key events in the story.

Ask relevant questions regarding the story eg. "Who...?", "What...?", "Where..."

"Why...?", "What do you think happens next?", "How many animals does the

Gingerbread Man meet?", "What do they all say to him?", “What is his reply?”,

“Who is the last animal to help the Gingerbread Man?”, “What happens?”, “How

does the fox trick the Gingerbread Man?”

Ask your child what initial sounds they can hear in words eg "F" - fox. What other

sounds can your child identify? Eg. “m”, “a”, “n”. Can they write any of them?

Can your child re-tell the story?

Can your child think of a different ending to the story?








Practise name writing daily, using correct letter formation; starting each letter ‘On the

red dot’ of your child's name card, use the letter formation sheet for guidance.

Focus on your child writing their first name using the correct letter formation then their

full name which is on the reverse of the card. Paper and pencil will also be fine to use.


Attached is a link to help you with letter formation of upper and lower case letters.


Follow the link to look at the Nursery Rhyme pictures. How many can you sing?



Use the link below to assist with correct pronunciation of the letter sounds:-


Phonics Play - Have fun learning Phonics

Username: march20
Password: home


Match the sound to the animal


Alphabet initial sounds.

Click on the link below to choose and click on the correct letter sound for the object.

Choose Phase 1 A to Z Alphabet activity.




Use the number formation sheet in the pack or paper and follow the link below to practise number formation 1 to 10.


Today, can you count how many buttons are on the Gingerbread Men then match

them to the correct numbered tray?

Click on the below link and select Match.

When you have mastered counting 1 to 5, continue with 6 to 10, then 1 to 10.


Can you count out the correct amount of buttons to give the Gingerbread Man?

When you have completed numbers 1 to 5, move on to 6 to 10.

Counting – Counting out – Choose 1 to 5 then 1 to 10.


Can you count how many buttons are on the Gingerbread Man then match the amount to the numeral? 

When you have mastered numbers 1 to 5, move on to 6 to 10. How many can you get right?


Other Curriculum Learning:




PE With Joe

Monday to Friday live 9.00am 


Draw with Rob - Award winning Author and Illustrator. Series of draw along videos for you and your child to enjoy.

Tuesday and Thursday live 10.00am 


Phonics Play - Have fun learning Phonics

Username: march20
Password: home


Cosmic Yoga Kids

A mix of Yoga, stories and mindfulness.


A fun song to help children understand when to wash their hands:-



Previous Learning


Choose three favourite toys to sit at the table and role play having a tea party with your child.


Make jam/spread or similar sandwiches with your child. Supervise and encourage them to spread the

butter and jam independently NOT using a sharp knife.


Can you design a house for your favourite toy?

Look at the three different houses the pigs made. Which house was the best? Why? 

What materials would you use to build your house? Some ideas may be Lego, Stickle Bricks, Magnetix,

a cardboard box, cereal box, whatever you may have at home.

Use your design sheet to draw your house or draw a picture on paper. Try to hold the pencil correctly and

if you would like to colour or collage your house, that would be great. 


Can you now build your design using your materials? Please email me any photos of your houses, I would 

really enjoy looking at them.


Can you write a list of the materials you would use to build your house?

There's a materials list in your pack or use paper.

We have been learning how to write a list in Nursery. Can you hear any letter sounds? Can you write any of

the sounds? If not, just have a go, this would be great!


There is a colouring page of one of the little pigs for you in your pack, try to keep within the lines and

take your time to stay neat or you can draw any picture about the story.


Build a 'Den' in your garden or house. Use chairs and fasten sheets or towels using


Read stories, draw and play games. Play Hide and Seek - count up to 10/20/30/40

or above if you can. Challenge yourself to count higher every time it's your turn to



Play the listening game - listen for any sounds you can hear such as birds tweeting,

dog's barking and make a list. Try and use your letter sounds to write or mark make,

that would be super.


Make your own sandwiches (See above) and have a picnic in your den. 


Play the looking game - What can you find in your garden? Look at trees, the bark on

their trunks, leaves, flowers, grass, worms, insects, feathers. Make another list of

what you find, writing as many letter sounds as you can or mark make. 


How many different birds can you see in your garden, or through your window? 

Look at the link below to see the bird mat:-


Use the bird sighting checklist below to see how many different birds you can see:-


Can you draw a picture of your favourite bird?

Below are some Robin colouring pages:-


The Three Little Pigs I Spy and Count to 10

Use the checklist to write your answers


The Three Little Pigs I Spy and Count to 20

Use the checklist to write your answers







Rainbow I-Spy Walk

Rainbow I-Spy Walk 1

One of our mom's has said it would be really uplifting when they go out for a walk (Whilst Social Distancing) to see all of your creative rainbows in the community.


Do you know how many colours make a rainbow?  There are seven colours. 

Can you name the colours? The colours never change in the spectrum;

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet.

Richard OYork Gave Battle IVain (ROYGBIV).