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Just to remind you, if you need help with shopping / food parcels, fetching prescriptions or a befriending scheme / reassurance calls,

please email call 0121 380 6690.


West Midlands Police have set up an online form for you to inform them of any breaches to the current lockdown,

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Finally, I am pleased to inform you that from 11th May the garden waste collections will recommence in Walsall. The information is in the link below à

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Food Banks Available

There is also Trussel Trust Pelsall Food Bank: Open Tuesday 11 am - 1 pm and Friday 1 pm - 3 pm.


4 min walk from Pelsall Village Centre

Address: 1 Chapel St, Pelsall, Walsall WS3 4LN

Phone: 01922 445802

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Support Courses For Our Parents

Useful Contacts :


Walsall school Nurses Chat Health line 07480 635 363 (  age 11-19)


Walsall school nurses, parent text line 07520 634 909


Samaritans 116 123


Shout crisis text line, Text shout to 85258


Re think mental illness 0300 500 0927


Mind 0300 123 3393


Mind Legal advice service 0300 466 6463


Child line 0800 1111


Anxiety UK 0344 775774


NSPCC 0808 800 5000


VIVUP (employee benefit scheme ) 01252 784540

The Safeguarding Staff in Our School are:



Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) - Mrs Kate Bignell Page

(Tel 01922 682073 Option 2)

The Link Governor to Safeguarding - Cllr Garry Perry

Deputy Safeguarding Lead - Glyn Bagley

Designated Lead for Looked After Children - Glyn Bagley

Deputy Lead for Looked After Children - Kate Bignell Page

E-Safety Co-ordinator - Kate Bignell Page

Behaviour Lead - Kate Bignell Page

Chair of Governors - Garry Perry

Single Point of Contact Lead for PREVENT (SPOC) - Glyn Bagley

Lead for Attendance - Glyn Bagley

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) - Sallyann Tuckwell Allen

Social Mentor - Dean Steatham


Further information on safeguarding can be found under 'Key Information > Policies.'

Staff Training

All staff, governors and students receive regular training in safeguarding. Disclosures are just as likely to be made to one of our lunchtime supervisors or students as to any other member of staff therefore it is important that our school community know how to deal with disclosures and who to report to, all in a timely manner.  All staff including lunchtime supervisors, students and governors receive annual child protection level 1 training. The Designated Safeguarding Lead, the Deputy Designated Lead and the Governor for safeguarding receives the Advanced level 2/3 Child Protection annually. Throughout the year formal staff/governor/student training takes place on a variety of subjects such as internet safety and Wrap (radicalisation and extremism) training. The Designated Safeguarding Lead attends all of the safeguarding briefings that are arranged by Walsall Children's Safeguarding board. The information from the briefing is then compiled into a newsletter for staff/students and governors, information sheets are composed for subjects requiring more information such as female genital mutilation, breast ironing, forced/arranged marriages and forms of child abuse. Every member of staff/governor/student receives the sheets and updates, there are also files in every class, the nurture group and before and after school club that are maintained with the same safeguarding information. The Keeping Children Safe in Education KCSE) document and Annexe A is also issued at the start of the academic year although there is a new (KCSE) document which is due to be released in early 2018. We have a safeguarding reference board which contains a wealth of safeguarding information such as the new Multi Agency Referral Form (MARF) which has been released this month and many other documents and 'go-to' resources for staff.  Disqualification Through Association declarations are completed annually by the whole school community to ensure that all staff/governors/students and the people who live in their homes are completely clear of any police involvement that may impact on their suitability to work with children. External agencies provide much of our training as they are experts in their field, we are fortunate enough to have secured Street Teams to visit school to train staff in Child Sexual Exploitation in January 2018, governors and students are also invited. In early June 2018 we have Data Protection Awareness training.

We are fortunate to have such a conscientious governing body who are keen to attend all of the training that is arranged.

We already have staff that are trained in Safer Recruitment however more staff have been registered for training in February 2018. As our expectation is that all staff/governors/students should have a good understanding of all areas of safeguarding the Designated Safeguarding Lead is compiling a questionnaire which covers all areas of safeguarding in-line with child protection level 1 training  which will be given to the whole school community, this will identify any areas that may need re-visiting, there will also be a section for self-evaluation and for further training to be identified.  

In our school 'Safeguarding is Everybody's Business' and all staff/governors and students are trained to 'Expect the Unexpected.' 







Children's Training

We are very fortunate to have strong links with outside agencies, to this end we have been able to secure high level and regular training for our children. We as a school endeavour to provide our children with as much information as possible to allow them to make informed and positive decisions to keep themselves safe. Our local Community Support Police Officer Dave Bryan is a regular visitor to school and trains our children on current and local issues such as anti-social behaviour, taking responsibility for your actions and understanding that there are consequences for your choices. The children were surprised that poor choices and joint enterprise could result in you being given an Anti Social Behaviour Order. They received training on keeping safe on bonfire night and being respectful to our more mature members of the community when out for Halloween and Carol Singing. Serious issues such as knife and gun crime have been spoken about with the children taking part in discussions regarding their understanding of this. Following the accidental death of a member of the local community our children received training on open water safety  following a presentation by Mick Goode a Watch Commander from Aldridge Fire Station. Internet Safety is always an area which constantly needs updating as more sophisticated programmes and Apps are created which could cause our children to make the wrong choice and become vulnerable to inappropriate influences. Nicola Rudge who is from the team that monitor our internet usage within school has delivered a comprehensive training programme to individual year groups throughout the school, the children engaged well and were open and honest as to their internet and App usage. Through our links with CAMHS (Children and Adolescents Mental Health Service) our children have received training on ensuring that they keep themselves mentally strong and well. The NSPCC PANTS Underwear Rule is visited on a termly basis and now incorporates 'consent.' Recently our Carousel Day had the topic of Keeping Yourself Safe, the day allowed us to continue developing the children's knowledge with topics such as electrical safety, safety within the home, level crossing and train line safety, frozen water safety, stranger danger, internet safety and the NSPCC Underwear Rule. Super Hero's were also created by the children who could intervene should a child need their help and guidance. Anti-bullying week produced some amazing work from our talented children, where they demonstrated their understanding of bullying and what action should be taken. Displays around the school highlight the level of commitment and understanding of our children in keeping themselves safe.    KBP   





On 9th February both myself and our Headteacher-Mr Bagley, renewed our Level 2/3 Advanced Child Protection qualification through further training with Walsall Council's Seona Baker. Garry Perry our Chair of Governors and Safeguarding Link Governor renewed his qualification on 5th April 2018.

The questionnaires that I compiled from the presentation and other safeguarding foci,  replaced the existing presentation to renew the Child Protection Level 1 qualification. Previously trained Staff and Governors completed the questionnaires and returned them to me. The findings were extremely positive and highlighted the fact that our staff and Governors are knowledgeable and confident in identifying concerns, the procedures that are followed and that they have an understanding of the wider aspects of safeguarding. For new staff, students and new Governors who have not received any Child Protection training, I regularly deliver the complete presentation; with the most recent being on Friday 20th April 2018.  

On Monday the 23rd and 30th April 2018 I accompanied our Nursery Teacher Miss Jackson Lea on the Nursery Home Visits for children who are due to start with us in September 2018. This arrangement has been in place for a number of years and proves very successful in forming early positive relationships with parents and families who wish to discuss confidential information or concerns in the comfort of their home. 

At the last Full Governors Meeting on 14/3/18 I reported to Governors on all aspects of Safeguarding within our school.  


Training for Parents

As with all schools the internet remains a vehicle for our children to be vulnerable. As parents and Staff we try to instil in our children the responsibility of being careful and knowledgeable when using any form of the internet but none more than when they are using 'live' sites and becoming involved in chat rooms. Within school we regularly refresh children's knowledge of the positives and sometimes negatives of the virtual world, to enable them to make the right choices in their use of the internet and what to do when things 'get scary.'

This concern is shared by many of our parents who agreed that our children are far more advanced with the use of the internet than maybe the adults are around them.  

 To assist our parents we engaged the services of Street Teams, their work and dedication in supporting children and young people is extensive and are very experienced in advising staff, children and parents alike in preventing children and young people from being groomed and possibly sexually exploited. 

After letters home, notifications on our Facebook Page and our Website, Street Teams visited us on 17th April 2018. We were extremely pleased that 22 of our parents joined us for the training and engaged with the session fully, asking questions and clarifying their understanding. At the end of the session parents asked for further training specifically in safe use of App's and Internet Service Provider's safety settings. This training will take place on Wednesday 9th May from 9.00am-10.30am, we hope that we again have a positive response as Pav and Julie from Street Teams deliver guidance and reassurance to our parents.  



Update on Parents Training  09/05/2018

Parents/Carers had requested further training from Pav and Julie from Street Teams. They came back into school on 09/05/2018 to continue to enhance parents knowledge in keeping their children safe whilst on-line. The hour and a half session compiled of a mix of powerful videos  and open discussions between Pav, Julie and parent/carers where fact versus reality was explored. Attendees were asked to examine their own internet usage and were advised that children mimic what the adults around them do so if they are using their device frequently the children will want to do the same. Contracts/Agreements were suggested to be used as a family to agree the terms and conditions of using the internet where the whole family negotiate the terms of the contract. 

 Although this session  wasn't as well attended as the previous one, the feedback from those who attended was extremely positive 'Really good, the videos were very powerful, I have gained a lot of insight and knowledge which I can take home.' 'Excellent! I have really enjoyed todays session, very helpful and informative-Thank you. 'Really informative. I liked the family contract, got me thinking about agreements in other areas too.' 'Empowerment is key!'  


Crime Within Our Area-June 2018

Following information shared at the Safeguarding Update that I attended last week, which amongst other things discussed crime within our area, I have accessed This website allows us to look at the crime rates within any area by inserting the post code. The information shared is on a monthly basis, the most recent, details April's figures which show that out of 245 reports 54 of them were Anti-Social Behaviour; which was the highest category, followed by 35 reports of vehicle crime.  

I have also signed up to the Local On-line Neighbourhood Watch Scheme for which I receive alerts of crime and issues within this area. I will share these alerts with you all via our Facebook Page.

You could access to track the figures if you so wished and/or register with the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and receive updates via e-mail to your device. 


New Academic Year 2018/2019

There have been many changes to safeguarding following the release of the new Keeping Children Safe in Education document and various other initiatives including Operation Encompass.

The Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018 document has been given to all staff and governors for them to read and digest. The changes have also been fed into our Child Protection/Safeguarding Policy. Once our Governor's have ratified the policy it will be updated to our website so that it is easily accessible to our school community.

Significant changes have been made to the Disqualification Through Association process. There are no longer forms to be completed by all staff and governors, this has been replaced by a declaration/assurance from all staff in  Nursery, Reception and Before and After School club staff; for children up to the age of 8. Senior Leaders and other appropriate staff. The declaration assures of their eligibility to work with children and if there are any changes in their circumstances then school will be notified immediately.  

Operation Encompass is a police initiative that school signed up for the second week of the new academic year. I attended the training which informed me that via our secure e-mail system I would receive daily notifications of any domestic abuse incidents that have occurred the previous day which affect our families and children.  Parents received letters advising them of this process on 25/09/2018, we also have posters around the school.  

Last year I secured CAMHS coming into school to train our children about keeping themselves mentally well, this training will be repeated early 2019. CAMHS will be visiting school to deliver appropriate training to  staff on 5/11/2018.


PREVENT training will again be delivered to our staff and governors on Monday 08/10/2018. 



PREVENT Training-October 2018 

Training took place on 08/10/18 and had a high attendance level including Staff, Governors, Lunchtime Supervisors and Students. Seona Baker from Walsall Children's Services delivered the training.


Child Protection/Safeguarding Training-January/February 2019

Our level 1 Safeguarding training is renewed annually, all Staff/Governors/Students and volunteers are expected to complete training as a requirement to work with our children. At our most recent Ofsted Inspection, the Inspector was complimentary of the high level of knowledge of adults within our school and also of the Refresher Through Assessment format which I had written to allow analysis of Staff's understanding of safeguarding. This year the training has slightly changed however within the last week our school community have completed their training for 2019/2020. I am again proud of the level of completion of the assessment which includes new knowledge such as the 'toxic trio' and the single central record. New staff/ students/ cleaners and Governors will be offered 'full' training by me very soon where we will not only discuss safeguarding and conduct expected within school but also our local area and the implications of crime within it. Our Lunchtime Supervisors routinely attend all training and our cleaners will also be invited to all future training.




Drug Awareness Training-January 2019

Given that issues of drug use are rising I felt that we needed training for staff and our older children so that they are aware of the names of drugs including slang terms and the implications of drug use. On 28/01/2019 Niall Markham who is the Local Authority PREVENT Officer came into school and first delivered training to our years 5 and 6 and then later to Staff and other adults associated within the school. Niall has a long history of his involvement as a Detective in the West Midlands Police Drug Unit and shared important information within his training. Our children were mature and were able to ask appropriate questions both during and after the training and also shared their knowledge and experiences. For Staff, the training was obviously more in depth and was accompanied by Niall's personal experiences within his role.

Niall also shared that a new colleague would be joining his team very shortly to specifically deliver training as the Education Officer for schools.  


Clare's Law-March 2019


Clare's Law is the domestic disclosure scheme, that gives anyone a right to ask the police if they believe that they, or someone they know is in a relationship with an individual that could be abusive towards them.

This opportunity has been available for a number of years however individuals had to attend the police station and complete the appropriate application forms. I have received notification from West Midlands Police that Clare's Law is now available by completing the form on-line via WMP Online. The option of visiting a police station is still available.  


Nursery/Reception Home Visits-June 2019

Our Nursery Teacher Miss Jackson Lea and I conducted a large amount of home visits to our new Nursery and Reception children who will be joining us from other settings in September .

This was the first time that we have visited our new Reception children as part of our induction process and it proved immensley informative for both carers and school. This is an initiative that we will continue. 

It was lovely to meet you all and we are looking forward to starting our journey together after the Summer holidays.


New academic year 2019/2020

It has been a very busy start to the academic year, all staff and Governors have been given new updated documents that came into force September 2019 and also include updated policies.

We have had some new staff join us, I have delivered Child Protection Level 1 training to them which took place on 02/09/2019.

Our children have received training from the NSPCC on 09/09/2019 entitled Keeping Safe. It would be impossible to protect our children from every potential threat however we work with our children and invite external agencies in to equip them with the knowledge and understanding of what can go wrong and the appropriate steps to take to protect themselves.  


Hidden Sentence Training

Mr Statham and I attended Featherstone Prison and Brinsford Prison on 20/09/2019 and 06/11/2019. Family members being inprisoned affects several of our families in school. It would be fair to say that when we were made aware that imprisonment of family members affects more children that divorce, we were shocked and the need to be knowledgeable in how to support our families became more of a priority. 

When we attended HMP Brinsford we were taken on the child's experience of visiting a loved one, the process of a family member requesting a visit is lengthy, families can  wait around for a very long time going through the processes of personal searches by staff and trained dogs and checks on their identities. It was important that we knew what the child experienced and found this training invaluable.

We have now included appropriate information on display boards by the main hall and in the covered way to support families who are in these circumstances but may not want to share the information with school.

Mr Steatham and I are now 'CAPO' Champions and will be attending further training on January 17th 2020 at HMP Featherstone.



DSL Training

I attended the safeguarding briefing on 01/10/2019 where the main focus was Ofsted inspections.

Training was delivered by Ofsted Inspectors who set out the main points of what would be the main points of Ofsted insepctions.

The next DSL training is set for 20/01/2020.




Anti-Bullying 11-15/11/2019

At Pelsall Village School, every week is anti-bullying week.We pride ourselves on the fact that bullying is not welcome here and we have worked hard to create a culture where the children will report to staff anything that they see which causes them concern. This could be observing someone being nasty to someone or they over hear a conversation that they feel needs reporting. Our children are confident that should they tell an adult that things will be investigated thoroughly. Should our families report a concern, a member of the SLT will investigate the matter and report back to all parties. We will work with any child that we feel would benefit from support in the early identification of unacceptable behaviour.

Our children have produced a wide range of interesting materials, we constantly display our our anti-bullying work and do not take displays down as they are all driving home the message and impact of bullying.  


Some of the excellent work our children did for Anti-Bullying Week.

Graded Care Profile 2 Training

On 12/12/2019 Mr Steatham an I attened the full day training course in order to be licensed to use the GCP2 tool. This is a method of assessing neglect and has been designed by the NSPCC.

It is envisaged that using this tool will support in our early identification processes and provide valuable information to professionals and families as to what degree neglect is taking place.



Whole School/Governor/Volunteer  SafeguardingTraining

On our first day back after Christmas we have an Inset Day. This day is dedicated to safeguarding training for the whole staff, Governors and Volunteers.

The day will begin with Child Protection Level 1 training delivered by the Local Authority, Street Teams will then deliver training on Child Exploitation and then after lunch we will all receive further training on WRAP which is delivered by David Churchill from our LA Prevent Team.



DSL Refresher Level 2 Training

On 20/01/2019 Mr Bagley and myself will be attending our refresher course for our level 2 qualification which is delivered by the Local Authority.


Reports to Governors

I submitted a full and detailed report of safeguarding within and around our school for consideration at the Full Governors meeting that took place on 09/12/2019.


January 6th 2020-Happy New Year to all of our children and their families

Staff Safeguarding Training Day 

First day back after our Christmas break.

Today has been a day of safeguarding training for staff and Governors in school. We began with Seona Baker from the Local Authority leading on a Level 1 Refresher Course in Safeguarding and Child Protection. After morning break, Andy from Street Teams delivered a lively session on Child Exploitation including sexual and criminal. The session also included child trafficking, a refresher on County Lines and App and internet safety. As always Andy was animated and delivered the session with great enthusiasm and energy.  After lunch our training was delivered by Dave Chadwick from our Local Authority's PREVENT team, I try to ensure that all safeguarding training is delivered annually to staff and Governors.

We cannot be naive in thinking that radicalisation and other forms of abuse affect older children and/or children who live in other areas.  

A written assessment in Level 1 Child Protection will be completed by staff/Governors in February.


Monday Morning Safeguarding Briefings

Since the beginning of this academic year I have sent a Safeguarding Briefing e-mail to all staff detailing any events or topics regarding safeguarding. Information regarding individual pupils or families are not included within the e-mail. In the staff meeting after school on a Monday there is opportunity to discuss the details of the e-mail in greater depth and queries or questions can be answered. Safeguarding is a permanent item on the meeting agenda.  



My Assembly 13/01/2020

As my assembly was so close to the children returning back to school after Christmas I decided that the theme for the assembly would be 'Internet Safety.' I assumed that many of our children would have had devices for Christmas that could access the internet as that is what had been shared with me by the children as being their hopes before we broke up.

I used a CEOPO's video detailing 2 young children accessing a game and being 'groomed' by who they thought wa sa child but later in the video showed this individual to be a adult male. We spoke about 'App's' and the ages that children were expected to be before they used them. A high proportion of the children could share what age they needed to be eg 13, however also admitted to using them. The children were able to tell me what they would do if they felt uncomfortable when accessing the internet although demonstrated a lack of understanding appropriateness when interacting with their peers on line. This is something that can be addressed by further training for the children and the adults in their lives. I will source and engage parental/adult training from Street Teams who we have used in school for this type of training previously and who train our staff.  



HMP Brinsford Training 17/01/2020

Both myself and Mr Steatham attended Brinsford for further training as CAPO Champions.( Children Affected by Parental Offending. ) The training is provided by Sara Rattenbury from Barnado's, she has a wealth of experience and knowledge of families affecting by a loved ones incarceration. As always the training was informative and included that trials and consideration is being given to DSL's attending prisons on a family visit to conduct a 'mini parents consultation' to keep Father's included in their children's lives and education. Clearly this would be conducted on an individual basis and with consideration given to the nature of the conviction and whether the individual had parental responsibility. 


Advanced Level 2 Child Protection Safeguarding Training


Today both myself and Mr Bagley attended the refresher course that was delivered by Seona Baker. There was an emphasis on the impact on DSL's well-being and changes that will affect those who share my role within schools as the Designated Safeguard Lead. 

Thresholds for meeting levels of safeguarding are set to change again, with the shift cascading down to schools to carry the risk whereas previously Children's Services would have been involved to a greater depth.


National Online Safety 

We have now added this to our Facebook page. It has been suggested that parents/adults may wish to 'like' this so that they can receive regular 'Wake up Wednesday' updates on various aspects of on-line safety in particular the use of Apps' and games such as Fortnite, Tick Tock, WhatsApp etc.


Our online safety displays

Safeguarding Carousel Day


Today was an amazing day in school, the children rotated around school completing training in every classroom on various aspects of Safeguarding. The topics covered were: child sexual and criminal exploitation and child exploitation, Mental Health, Healthy Relationships, Domestic Abuse, Refugees, First Aid, NSPCC Underwear Rule, Fire, Railway and Water Safety, Anti Social Behaviour and joint enterprise. Votes for schools raised the question 'Should under 18's be given a criminal record?'

I visited every classroom and witnesse engaging sessions where the children were learning about these high brow topics in a child friendly creative manner. To share just a few of the sessions that I observed were the children taking part in a yoga class as a way of keeping themselves mentally healthy and placed each other in the recovery position in the first aid session after a talk about what they would do in an emergency. Banners were created to welcome refugees after the children learned why children and their families decided to leave their homes and varying forms of child exploitation was discussed through age appropriate video's and building on what knowledge the children already had. The feedback from the children and staff was extremely positive. The evidence from the sessions are in the process of being displayed around the child as visual prompts to the children.

I think it would be fair to say that staff were a little concerned of the density and choice of topics that I had chosen for the day but as always delivered positive, thought provoking, creative sessions to the children to equip them to keep themselves safe. Feedback from the children was that they had enjoyed the day and had lots of new knowledge.


Children's Training on Radicalisation 


Today we have welcomed back to school Dave Bryan who used to be an extremely popular CSPO in our village with our children and their families. Dave used to support us in engaging with and visiting our families that needed some extra support. Dave was known locally as 'PC Dave.' 

Dave left his CSPO role to become a PREVENT officer within the Police and is now based in the Anti-terrorist Unit external to Walsall. 

Dave was warmly welcomed by staff and children and delivered the training in a professional yet child friendly manner. The questions that the children from both key stages were asking PC Dave towards the end of the session evidenced that they had understood what he had said and linked what they had viewed from the news to what Dave was saying.


Staff Level 1 Child Protection Safeguarding Questionnaire


The questionnaire that I referred to in my post dated 06/01/2020 that follows on from the formal training has now been distributed and is to be returned to me by 13/02/2020 so that I can analyse the results. The questionnaire has been compiled by the Local Authority however I have added to it to reflect the changes that have taken place since the beginning of the academic year. 


Parental/Adult E-Safety Training

I have secured 2 training sessions for parents and other interested adults regarding the use of devices that accesses the internet. Street Teams will be coming into school from 9.00am until 10.30am on 19th and 26th March 2020 to share sessions with parents regarding all aspects of E-Safety including parental controls, social media usage, internet safety, family contracts and adults own usage of the internet. To allow free flow of information sharing school staff will not be attending the sessions. I will ensure that posters are put up around school and that information is shared via our Facebook page and front page of the website as soon as possible.


Internet Safety Week


Due to Street Teams delivering parental/adults training on 19th and 26th March, we have decided to put our Internet Safety week slightly later than usual, to begin Monday 16/03/2020 so that it coincides with the planned training within school.

More details to follow.


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