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Happy New Year!


All of our Nurture Groups (7 in total now ranging from Year 1 to Year 6 and with over 40 children as members!) have been thinking about what 2022 means to them.smiley


Here are their 5 top quotes to inspire us all...



"Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering 'it will be happier...'"yes


"A new year is a time for inspirational dreams, but more importantly, a time to set your goals to see the dreams turn into a reality."yes


"The more you read, the more you will know. The more you learn, the more places you will go."yes


"You'll never get bored when you try something new. There's really no limit to what you can do."yes


"This new year may you be blessed with courage and confidence to spread your wings & turn each day into an adventure of learning and fun."yes


Which do you like best? heart



REMEMBRANCE 2021 - Little Villagers Nurture Group At The Pelsall Clock

Reading At Little Villagers Nurture Group - Autumn 2021



Autumn 2021 

Pelsall Village Nurture Groups



We've joined together as classmates

As the new year begins

A year full of learning 

As we become friends

We'll share and be kind

As we work and play

And our friendship will grow

With each passing day!



Pelsall Village Nurture Groups - Village Planter Photos, June 2020



Wow! It seems so long ago that we were all together at school. I hope this message finds you well and doing your best to be good for your parents and your best in the work set by your teachers.angeldevil


I know you may feel confused by what is going on in the world at the moment but try not to worry as everyone is probably feeling the same. surprise


I always find reading and writing poetry helps my mind to settle down and my face to smile again.smiley


So here is a poem by one of my favourite authors A.A.Milne (he wrote Winnie the Pooh!) which I hope you will enjoy. yes 


If you like it, have a go at writing one of your own and send it to me at I can't wait to hear from you!enlightenedheart


Mrs Tuckwell-Allen

Assistant Head and SENCo 

March 2021wink





When I was ONE 

I had just begun.

When I was TWO

I was nearly new.

When I was THREE

I was hardly me.

When I was FOUR

I was not much more.

When I was FIVE

I was just alive

But now I am SIX

I'm clever as clever

So I think I will be SIX now for ever and ever!


By A.A.Milne



2019-20 - a snapshot of Little Villagers




Little Villagers (Age 5-7)


Bigger Villagers (Age 7-11)



At Pelsall Village School, all our children are equally important. This applies to all aspects of their education including teaching and learning, their achievements, their attitudes and their wellbeing. We encourage all our children to aim for the highest possible standards, and we take account of each child’s individual needs and experiences.


Nurture groups are a preventative intervention to meet the learning, social and emotional needs of vulnerable children. They are discrete classes located within mainstream primary schools; designed to meet the needs of children who are not yet ready to meet the emotional and intellectual demands of school life.


Our Nurture Group “Little Villagers” follow the “New Primary” model where children attend part time for between 2 and 4 terms before being re-integrated back into their mainstream class. The groups form part of the whole school approach to inclusion. They provide a modified curriculum in an environment based on the principals of Marjorie Boxall. This curriculum is designed to offer practical learning opportunities.


The Nurture Group provide support for vulnerable children with additional needs relating to Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties (SEMH) or who find it difficult at certain points in their lives to access a mainstream curriculum or settle into class.


Children access the Nurture Group for morning sessions. They follow a curriculum tailored to meet their individual learning needs. This includes aspects of the National Curriculum and learning opportunities designed to promote social and emotional development and skills.


The Nurture Group is run by a minimum of two trained members of staff. Group size is small (approximately 6 children) to ensure individual needs are met.


Designated PPA time for Nurture staff, led by the Assistant Head (Inclusion) ensure effective planning, monitoring and curriculum development. Regular meetings, held with the class teacher and parent/carers ensure effective and holistic monitoring and support The Nurture Team:



Sallyann Tuckwell-Allen

Assistant Head, SENCo & Teacher

Little & Bigger Villagers NG & Strategic Lead

Holly Sadler-Hughes

SEND Teaching Assistant

Little & Bigger Villagers NG 

Kate Bignell- Page

Safeguarding Manager

Little & Bigger Villagers NG & Strategic Support


Following the success of the Little Villagers Nurture Group, we have since opened up similar opportunities in the afternoons to our Key Stage 2 children following the 100 Minute Model and focusing on social and emotional as well as popular calendar and transitional thematic topics.


Indeed, from 'little acorns grow mighty oak trees' and due to a constantly increasing demand, we now have 6 Bigger Villager Nurture Groups for Years 3,4,5 & 6 children over 4 afternoons each week and are on the look out for bigger premises!!!



Mrs Tuckwell-Allen

Assistant Head & SENCo

Pelsall Village School 


Autumn 2021


LITTLE VILLAGERS Timetable - 2017-2018

LITTLE VILLAGERS Timetable - 2018-2019

LITTLE VILLAGERS Timetable - 2019-2020

LITTLE VILLAGERS Timetable - 2020-2021

LITTLE VILLAGERS Timetable - 2021-22