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Year 2


Your teachers are

Mrs Bell & Mrs Moore.

Your teaching assistant is the lovely

Mrs Goodwin.


Contacting Staff:

If you need to contact us then please speak to us on the door in the morning or after school. An email can be sent if you would prefer to communicate that way. The emails are checked regularly (but not daily). 

Mrs Bell and Mrs Moore -

Contact can also be made through Class Dojo.


Our Weekly Timetable

This term we will be learning about:



Each week we will be completing work from different areas of maths. The children will continue to work on areas including numbers, measurement, geometry and statistics. The children will revise taught methods and develop their skills further, concentrating on any misconceptions and areas of weakness.


Reading – Every day the children will have a phonics session where all of the sounds are learnt; words are segmented and blended back together; read green words which can be decoded phonetically and read red words that need to be learnt by sight. Time will be spent completing phonic activities and reading texts to suit each child’s reading level.

For children who are ready to take the next step, comprehension sessions take place where a text is read and discussed in detail. The children then answer questions to test their overall comprehension skills.

The children are given time to read in school and take the Accelerated Reading tests when they have finished and understood their book. These tests ask the children questions to clarify their understanding and only allow them to move onto the next stage when ready. We would like each child to read one book per week and at least 3 pages per night.


Writing – During this half term we will be covering a variety of traditional tales with a twist ‘Little Red Riding Wolf’ and ‘The true story of the three little pigs.’ We will be focussing on lots of different skills such as using subordination, letter writing, diary entries and re-telling stories. We will continue to edit our writing and focussing on always making the best vocabulary choices. We look at different styles of poetry and how to use them efficiently to aid our writing. We will also continue to concentrate on using full stops, question marks and exclamation marks more independently.



Summer Term 2

First focus = Growing Up

Second focus = Wildlife


Creative Curriculum –

Geography – My Locality

History – Local History

Design Technology – Food and Eating 2

Art – Art and Design for Life


Spellings –

The children have now all been given their spelling booklet which lists the spellings to be learnt each week until the end of the academic year. Each week a spelling test will take place on a Thursday and then the new spelling list will be introduced.


Useful websites -

BBC Bitesize

Summer Term 2 Weekly Spelling lists

National Curriculum Spellings Lists

Strategies to help you learn your weekly spellings

Fab 5 and Pupil of the Week Winners Summer Term 1







Pupil of the week: