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Art: Don't forget to bring along a pencil, paper and maybe a rubber too.



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Yesterday you were introduced to some 10 frames, click here to go to today's live worksheet, there you will be asked to find the total of the frames and click on the corresponding number below. remember to encourage your child to recognise a full ten frame and simply count on rather than counting from the beginning. 


                   P H O N I C S


Today we will be continuing our rhyme work. Check out the rhyming episode of Alphablocks down below. Then click on today's rhyming worksheet. You will need to read the words in the box, then read the four words beside and put a ring around the word that rhymes. 


Do you have a storybook at home with words that rhyme? Share this story with your family today and pick out all the rhyming words.  

Learn to Read | Rhyming Words for Kids | CAT & HAT

As seen on CBeebies! Watch Alphablocks full episodes on BBC iPlayer: Alphablocks are spelling the words 'CAT' & 'HAT' today. Join t...

                  L I T E R A C Y


Well done to all those children  completing the comprehension sheets, it's great to keep up with your reading and understanding what you've read.   Today's read is called 'The Big Dig' you will find it below. 


Challenge: Make a list of 4 things you might find if you dug underground.