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Parent video: What is Read Write Inc Phonics

Uploaded by Ruth Miskin Training on 2019-09-12.

                 R     S O U N D S


By the end of reception in order to achieve the Early Learning Goal for 'Word Reading' your child will need to:


  • Say a sound for each letter in the alphabet and at least 10 digraphs.
  • Read words consistent with their phonic knowledge by sound-blending.
  • Read aloud simple sentences and books that are consistent with their phonic knowledge, including some common exception words.



During the Autumn term we will be introducing your child to the RWI scheme, and extending their learning with phonemes the smallest unit of sound that can be put together to make words, and graphemes a way of writing down a phoneme. Once your child is secure with this they will move on to orally blending and segmenting simple cvc words and word building. As your child continues to develop their phonological awareness they will make steps towards writing and reading with increasing independence and start bringing home 'Ditty' reading sheets and later progress onto their own Phonics reading book.



Your child will have come home with their homework folder this week. Inside you will find two sheets have been fastened together. The first sheet shows the letter phrase we use for each phoneme and the second sheet shows an example of the phoneme graphic, as well as the order they will be taught. These are provided for you to help support your child at home.  





Parent video: How to say the sounds



Parent video: Sound blending

Uploaded by Ruth Miskin Training on 2019-09-12.