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                 R     S O U N D S


Over the next few weeks we are going to be having a big push in Reception with Set 1 and 2 Sounds, we will be focusing heavily on:


  • Sound Recognition 
  • Correct pronunciation of the sounds
  • Correct formation of the sounds
  • Blending and segmenting (reading)
  • Independent world building (writing)



Parent video: How to say the sounds

                                       S P E L L I N G S 


We will be conducting our first reading and spelling this Friday 12th March. using all set 1 and 2 words. This may seem like short notice but this will actually be a revision spelling test, as your child should have already practised these words for our spelling tests that were completed during lock down. 


I will be sending home a little note on Friday letting you know how your child got on and which words they need to continue practising at home if applicable. After this week we will move on to set 3 and the children will be tested on these words on Friday 19th March. 


Phase 2 Phonics - blending CVC words

Simple blending of cvc words using a resource from twinkl.