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Anti Bullying Ambassadors

Anti-bullying Ambassadors 

At Pelsall Village School we have anti-bullying ambassadors who have had special training to help to prevent and hopefully stop bullying at our school. 

Through an online workshop and by completing supporting resources, we learnt how to spot bullying behaviour as well as how to support those experiencing bullying. In our most recent training, we learnt about consent and the following important points: 

If you don’t respect someone’s boundaries you could hurt their feelings. 

People can change their mind. 

Without consent, something should NOT happen. 

We have held a whole school assembly to share what we have learnt with the rest of the school and today (Wednesday 28th June) we had a consent day.  

This is where we have been encouraging everyone to be respectful and ask for permission to do things. It could be something as simple as asking for a pencil, asking a partner for help with work or asking if someone would like a hug! 

If children or staff see or hear someone showing consideration for others, then a ‘consent’ point has been be awarded. The class with the most ‘consent’ points will get a reward. 

Please look out for more information about our anti-bullying ambassadors in the near future.