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Carousel Day Fri 11 September

We are inviting parents to school on Fri 11 September to show you what your children have been doing. Please see the letter for full details.

Dear Parents/Carers,                                                                                    8.9.20

We are really pleased with the start to the new school year, especially in light of the issues created by COVID 19. Thank you for supporting us by following our plans in relation to start and end of the day procedures.


Part of our planning back in July was to spend the first week and a half completing social and emotional health style activities in school in order to make the children more comfortable and happy at school and to remove as many anxieties as possible. We shared this with you on the report collection days and explained that on the Friday, depending on the situation, we would invite parents to school to find out what your children have been doing.


I am pleased to say that we are able to invite parents in as planned and the weather forecast is being kind to us. Therefore we have planned the following:


  • Each class (Y1 – Y6) will share some of their experiences in a marked out space on the school field – this will allow ample social distancing.
  • After your child’s class has performed they will go back to the classroom to collect their belongings and will then be released to you.
  • If you have an older sibling, they must take part in their class’ performance and therefore you will be asked to wait on the field (in a waiting zone) until they come out to the field.
  • Times are as follows: Y1T and Y1/2H (12:50 – 1:15)

                                  Y2MB and Y3H (1:20 – 1:45)

                                  Y3/4F and Y4BETA (1:50 – 2:15)

                                  Y5S, Y5T, Y6CR and Y6S (2:20 – 2:45)


  • Parents attending are advised to bring a blanket to sit on (please place your blanket on one of the sprayed spots around where your child’s class performs.)
  • Please enter school through the pedestrian gate on Old Town Lane and you will be directed off the site through the front car park.
  • A risk assessment for this activity will be published on the website.
  • Due to the timings, school will finish at 2:50 for all pupils. If you are not attending and are not able to collect at this earlier time, please contact the office and we will look after your child until the normal collection time of 3:15.  

Yours sincerely and thank you for your support


Glyn Bagley (Head teacher)