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Growth Development, Health and Sex Education

Whilst still at Pelsall Village School, your Year 6 child will be taking part in a series of lessons on growth development, health and sex education appropriate for this age group. The next sessions will be on Tuesday 30th June 2020 and Thursday 2nd July 2020.


Each lesson will be in 2 parts: the first part will focus on describing changes that happen in puberty and include scientific information about sexual relationships. The second part will be on managing healthy relationships as they enter young adulthood. There will also be opportunities for the children to ask questions.


At the moment, under current government guidelines, parents have the option of withdrawing their child from these lessons in full. If you wish for your child NOT to take part, please inform the school before the dates of the lessons. If school receives no response, it will recorded that you are happy for your child to take part. At any point during these lessons, if a child does feel uncomfortable about the content, please be reassured that they will be given the choice of leaving the lesson themselves discretely.