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Dear Parents/Carers,

Hopefully you will have read our previous letter explaining our plans to personally present you with your child’s report, have an opportunity to see this year’s teacher and also meet next year’s teacher. In addition to this, we will provide you with details of how we are planning to support our children’s needs when we return in September. These days will be running from Thursday 9th July to Thursday 16th July. We really hope to see as many of you as possible on your allocated day.

On these days we would also like you to bring along the work that your child has completed whilst at home. This was originally in the dark green books that were provided but may also be in additional books or paper that you have provided. The majority of this work will be that planned by the class teachers and set through the school website.

We are very keen to see the hard work you and your children have put in at home. During the summer, the teachers will look at all the work and will reward children individually on their efforts using our merits. These merits will be added to your child’s current booklet when we return in September. A special certificate will be awarded to each child returning completed work.

On your designated report day please bring along your child’s work books. Next to where you collect your child’s report we will leave a box/container for you to put the work book(s) in to.

As Year 6 will not be returning in September, can we ask that parents/children wishing for their books to be seen and merits awarded please bring the books to the school office from Friday 3rd July to Tuesday 7th July for Miss Thomson to look through. Acknowledgement of the work can then be made on Thursday 16th when it the Y6 report day.

Kind Regards


Glyn Bagley

Head teacher