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Governors Meeting

Dear Parents/Carers,
On Monday 18th, the SLT will be meeting with the school governors. We will be finalising the details of the reopening plan (June 1st). Following this meeting, we will be able to share the plan with all of our parents and carers. We thank you for your patience but we hope that you understand, that we want to provide you with clear and up to date information that will support you and your children in moving forward.
We have been asked by the Local authority to try and determine how many of our parents/carers intend sending their children to school for the first phase (N, R, Y1, Y6 - on June 1st) and then a possible second phase later in June. Please keep an eye out for this and please respond - hopefully the information you receive following the governors meeting will help you to make the appropriate decision for you and your family.
Thank you for your support.
Glyn Bagley