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Keeping in Touch - Hello 2

Dear Parents, Carers and Children


Having emailed my staff, and reading their replies, I know they are all really looking forward to getting back to school and especially seeing the children in their individual classes and around the rest of the school. 


The teachers have asked me to thank the children who have sent photographs of their work through the email system and to remind everyone to really try to keep doing the planned work that is uploaded each day. I've asked the staff to upload a video message if they are feeling brave enough - so please look out for these.


I have been in school most weeks helping to look after the children of the care workers and we have been on the laptops doing the work to keep our brains active. When I have not been in school I have been supporting my own two children with the work set from their school, so a big thank you to all parents and carers for helping your children to complete the work - I know it's not always easy with the other distractions at home!


At the very beginning of the school closure, I suggested as much reading as possible. I'm sure some days, especially if the weather outside is not great, are very long. Half an hour or more reading can help the time pass by and really help to continue to develop language skills and knowledge.


On a daily basis I am waiting for news about the reopening of schools so that I can begin to plan what school will be like when we return. I really hope we can return for the second half of the summer term so that we can plan lots of exciting outdoor activities for the children. We have missed some Carousel days and also some Skills afternoons so I would like to catch up with these if at all possible. 


At the end of next week we may know more but in the meantime please continue to stay safe and look after each other and talk to each other. 


Hoping to see you all soon.


All the Pelsall Village Staff.