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1918 to 2018


As we are now nearing Remembrance Sunday, you may have seen our some of children help decorate the Clock in the village last Friday with the beautifully knitted poppies that Pelsall is so famous for now. You may also notice that our school become adorned with more of them over the next few days.


Mrs Moore's father has very kindly sent us a Royal British Legion 'Goodies' box with the following items to sell:


Pencil: 50p

Eraser: 50p

Pencil Sharpener: 50p

Bike Reflector: 50p

Ruler: £1.00


Year 6 children will be bringing the box round to classes in the afternoon this week, so if anyone would like to purchase something for this very good cause, they can bring their money to school from tomorrow - Tuesday 23rd October 2018.


Thank you