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Reception go 'wild' at Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Thursday 18th May 2017


How do bananas and pineapples grow? Why is white chocolate white, but milk chocolate brown? Why do cactus plants look so strange? These were some of the questions our Reception children had to find answers to as they explored the 4 glasshouses and 15 acres of gardens at Birmingham Botanical Gardens, moving from hot and humid tropical conditions into a desert climate as well as observing the changes to plants due to the seasons. sad


The cacophony of sounds created by playing instruments from around the world in the musical workshops and the 'visiting' dinosaurs made this a fantastic day full of memories never to be forgotten. heart


We are also very proud to share that the Birmingham Botanical Gardens staff have written to Mr Bagley, our head teacher, to say how impressed they were by the exemplary behaviour and wonderful attitude to learning of our 4 and 5 year olds! Well done Reception! And thank  you to Miss Donaldson for organising and all the staff who helped the day go so smiley