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Walk our Nature Walk and enter a draw to win a £100 Aldi Voucher

Walk our nature path and enter a draw to win a £100 Aldi voucher. Walking the path regularly will naturally keep the weeds at bay and we will not have to use chemicals.

Your child has been given a card with information inside linked to using our Meadowpath throughout summer term 2.

We would like our families to use the path each day, this could be before school or after school. Inside the card there are spaces for you to stamp using the punch that you will find on the walk.

We will collect the cards in at the end of term and all

the cards that show at least half the summer term days were walked will go into a draw for the voucher.

Watch the meadow grow and change, relax before school or have a walk and talk about school with your child after school. All we ask is stay on the path and respect the nature we are lucky to have. Thank you.